I recently bought this gorgeous bag on a bargain from Macys, it is the Micheal Kors large kempton scarlet bag in red (also available in other colors). I have been eyeing it for a while now but the price was just ridiculus so I decided to wait for the price to drop. The actual retail price for this bag is $138 but I finally got it on sale for $96. This might seem like a steal, considering they never go on sale, but I was even more gassed when I saw it on ebay, brand new for $83 and some change. You can get it here. This bag is great for school, work or even just as a day to day purse. It is also a perfect gift idea for this christmas season. Plus it's a Micheal Kors bag so you know it'll be long lasting. If you are not comfortable buying on ebay I'm sure you can still find it in the store. Now hurry and thank me later. 


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