About Me

ABOUT ME: I’m April Ifunanya Okwuo(Basi). A goofy, a bit bossy(i'm an aries), but kind girl who loves to enjoy life. Born and raised in the small town of Aba, Enyimba city, Nigeria, but currently living in the United States. Added to being a blogger I am a chemist by degree #ttualumni, a youtuber, and fashion model.

ABOUT THIS BLOGOn this blog I will share aspects of my life, things that I love i.e fashion, trending news, travel, interviews (Basi Bants), beauty, blogging tips, and real life issues we face as young adults. As a teenager, I always loved the art and the creative world, which led me to start a popular students magazine back in high school. I especially love fashion and the art of styling, but I never really thought to make it a part of my life. With this blog I will share with you my style, my journey in modeling, and pretty much any and everything I am passionate about. Enjoy! I will update this as I go through my life journey.

For business inquires/sponsorships/collaborations please shoot me an email: aprilbasibiz@gmail.com

Why did I start blogging ? Blogging has always been something I have been interested in doing but I always thought the whole process was too complicated, and to be quite honest I was too lazy to even put in the work. But here I am, and it’s only upwards from here on out. 

Brands I have worked with:
American Diamonds Jewelry
Warby Parker
Rosa Novias
Actually Organic