So these are the things I want for christmas this year. I have actually wanted them for a very long time now, but the lack of ego (money) at the moment won't let me have them.

Camel Coat: I've been wanting one since like last year. I feel like one of these would look great with anything. You can dress it up, dress it down and it will still look very sophisticated. Infact it will make you look like a bigs geh. I especially like the ones with the lapel front. A staple in any closet. I like these ones from Asos and She Inside.

High waisted Pants: This has been very much on trend lately and I absolutely love it. I particularly love the way Ashleigh from thedaileigh.com wore it here. Anything high waisted accentuates, and flatters the waistline of a woman. So why not own one? Missguided has it for a great price here

Thigh high boots: If you know me you, you know I love anything thigh high. Unfortunately as a tall woman, it is very hard to find anything that goes up to my tigh, let alone knees. I however found   one at Nordstrom, that I am still saving up to purchase.

Christain Louboutin Pigalles: The way I have been seeing this everywhere you would think they were giving them out for free. Only your homegirl doesn't have one yet o. Anyway I absolutely love these shoes. The things they do to the feet that wear them.....o lawd!! I just can't wait till I can get my hands on one.

A trip to Dubai: Hmm what can I say I have been praying this one into existence since I can't even remember. And every year I still wish for it. I think Dubai is absolutely beautiful and would be an unforgettable experience.

Canon T4i: Last but certainly not least I want the canon t4i. I currently use a sony nex 3n for blogging and photography. Don't get me wrong, I love my sony camera, but I just love that extra crisp/professional effect you get with the canon cameras.

Well for now these are all I want for christmas, not too much right? lol. I guess these will continue to remain wishes unit Jehovah blesses me or sends me a good samaritan that will make these wishes come true...xx