Episode 4: DR. EZIE

Hi my name is April Basi and today I will be interviewing  Dr. Ezie. Ezie aka Esther has been a very close friend of my family and I since our childhood days. So she is my personal person o. Oya, sit tight grab a cup of tea, coffee or palm wine (whatever you feel most comfortable) and enjoy.

What is your name ? My name is Esther Ihezie or Dr. Ezie

How old are you? How old am I?? Old enough…. besides its never polite to ask a lady her age

Haha I apologise

Where do you live ? Currently relocated to NYC after a short stint in Chicago

What do you do for a living? I am an ER physician

Okay girl, that’s great!!!
So, usually people ask what you like about being grown up, but lets be honest nobody likes being grown up, so I decided to change it up and say……..
 What do you hate about being grown up ? Being diplomatic in sticky situations instead of wigging out; or everyone expecting you to act “mature” when you just want to yell and curse out this useless cow.

Favorite food? Love food from other cultures but right now I am a happy girl with Jamaican delicacies such as curried goat or Jerk chicken.

Hmm I’ve never tried curried goat but it sounds amazing.

Favorite childhood memory? What I miss about my childhood; living carefree, responsibility-free as a child, which is quite contrary to what my life is now.

I know nothing beats waking up everyday just to have fun with your friends and not worry about bills.

When did you move to the United States? I moved in year 2000

Do you miss Naija? And what do you think of our country right now? Getting better ? or nah
It’s been so long that it’s become a figment of my imagination and honestly can’t say that I miss it; I don’t remember much but seeing the many developments and changes there makes me want to visit.

Yes, Nigeria is still not at its peak but I agree that a lot of positive developments have been made.

Where did/do you go to  school ? I am a proud bisonette, attended Howard University in Washington, DC.

What is/was you major in college? Majored in biology with a minor in Chemisty; you can pretty much say I was a nerd, lol

What is your dream career/job and why did you chose it? My dream job is a fashion designer and certainly working towards that; who says there’s a limit to ones accomplishment’s?!?! Isn’t the sky our limit? I chose it because I loooovvveee Fashion, love the creativity process and its always fun dressing up.

Yes, I definitely believe as human beings we shouldn’t be stagnant in life. We should try as much as possible to try our hands on different things, and it’s even better if it’s things we are very passionate about. And no, the sky is only our starting point.

How do you plan to impact the world especially Naija with your career of choice in the future? Using the skills I have learned to help impoverished communities in the East where I am from. Just need to make right the connections before I indulge in that.

Are you in support of African parents that pretty much dictate that their children do nursing or pharmacy or medicine in the United States, so they can have a stable job; on the stance that nobody will hire a foreigner with an “accent” to play in their movies or be a music director? I am not going to lie, my parents were such and I totally get why they made those recommendations. You need something to fall back on, if and when you start to chase this dream. With the arts its either you make it or you don’t but if you spent some time studying something with a guaranteed income then a “struggling artist” wont be used to loosely describe you, lol. That’s my opinion, I am entitled to it abi!!
I guess I can say my parents are lucky I loved medicine.

So, lets get a little personal, do worry don’t get nervous….lol, we will start of slow then it will get hotter….oya ready! Go!!
 Any gf/iyawo (wife) or bf/hubby in your life? (no lies…. no denials ) Dating………when God says its time then you my dear will be getting an invite (wink!)

I am always ready to sew asoebi…hehe
So who is your dream woman/man ? My dream man?? They do not exist my dear; I have come to learn with experience. You just have to choose the one that makes you the happiest and complain less about.
In other words I need a man who puts their trust in God, educated, a great smile, thoughtful and knows how to love. Simple abi……. but trust me it’s a tough combo

My dear, it sounds simple, but it is very complicated when applied in real life o. Most men like that are the not so attractive ones to us; they are the “nerds” to say the least. But we are praying God grants us all our heart desires.

Anyway, the other day my friends and I were talking about how men these days don’t do the chasing, (even naija men o). Females these days will do anything to find hubby.
What do you think? Do you think its okay for us women to chase men because society is changing, or that’s not acceptable and chivalry should still prevail?
Women are becoming ferocious in that sense; it’s a race to the altar my dear but with a said ratio of 4-5 females to 1 guy in this society no wonder girls are doing anything and everything to get him.
And I concur men are getting sloppy or rather lazy they would rather sit and let you do the chasing. Sorry I am very traditional, I like being chased and will always think chivalry prevails; I find those very attractive in a guy.

Finally, I’m sure the readers will want to know about your style so please…
Describe your personal style.

Ahhh….Finally April my fave topic.

My style is a combination of minimalism, modern often androgynous but always chic.

Who is your favorite designer and why ? Love Alexander Wang, Elizabeth and James, Victoria Beckham, Jenny Packham, Emanuel Ungaro and for true glamor I would go to Carolina Herrera, Naem Khan and more.

Yes!!!! I love Alexander Wang as well. His pieces are so effortless yet hold a lasting impression. I think his new collaboration with H&M is brilliant.

Alright I am almost getting ready to wrap  up here, but as an amebo I still want to know more things about you.

If you could be a celebrity man/woman who would it be and why ? I’ve always had a huge crush on Angelina Jolie; gorgeous, confident, does not live by society’s standards, huge heart and did I say georgeous, lol

Any real life crushes in real life, if not celebs ? I did have a crush a long time ago but certain nasty behavior made that crush turn to disgust. He is currently engaged to another and I wish him well

I know people usually say don’t mix business with pleasure, but if you this really hot guy that just got hired at your job is just so into you and meets everything you want in a man, would you give him a chance ? Even though you’ve heard he’s a player?
I believe everyone deserves a chance but you don’t have to put everything on the table at once, baby steps; players do pause in their tracks if they meet that one guy or girl, maybe you are the catalyst to that change. If he shows interest and you are feeling him then reciprocate (if you are interested) but try to keep it out of the work place. Meet outside of work for a drink or something.
P.S. If you are not the type to compartmentalize your life then don’t do it because if it does not work out could become an uncomfortable work situation.  Jus Sayin, lol

What can you not live without ? I cannot live without chapstick; I have on a few occasion gone to work realized I didn’t have my chapstick and felt my work mojo was off had to have one of my nurses buy me one stat. I know what you are thinking I am not a diva, they were going on their lunch break.

Haha… good you pointed that out because I was definitely thinking “okay diva”.

Can you please describe a typical day in your work life ? My work life is CRAZY……because of the demand, I find myself working a lot, its always chaotic in the ER. Sleep in the day; get ready head into the ER to deal with tons of craziness ranging from the really sick near death patients to the headache, snooty noses. I do thrive in chaos therefore Emergency medicine was the only fit for me in medicine.

What advice do you have for young people looking to get into the same field ? Medicine is uber competitive and difficult to get into; my best advice will be work your hardest to be the best in your class. Participate in activities that will develop your humanity and keep your options open.

One thing you would change about yourself if you could. Very impatient…also certain decisions I have made in my life but I will leave those for my autobiography or the book I am still deciding to pen or not, haha.

Wheewww now you know everything!!

 Haha! That was the point . Thank you so much Dr Ezie for giving me your time today I really appreciate it, and thank you for being transparent. I tried to keep this interview as short as possible so it wouldn’t take too much of your time. Please keep us updated in the near future incase of any changes, especially on the wifey/hubby part.

Like I said you would be the first to get the invite, so definitely.

Please check out her website eziespeaks.com for your inside scoop on current matters on lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and advice. Besides who doesn't want to get tips from a doctor.


  1. I absolutely LOVE seeing doctors that are this dope fashion wise! Gives me so much hope that when I finally become one, my fashion game won't be doomed to ho downhill from there.
    Loveeee her style


    1. I knowwww, she's so cool. She definitely kills the stigma that professionals are boring especially when t comes to fashion. Thank you.

  2. Wow ! I love the 1st pic , so lovely and chic with the over the knee boots ! ♥ I'm fan...

  3. That first picture got me. Very nice


  4. i enjoyed reading this interview.

    p.s. curried goat is the one! it's often served at Afro-Caribbean parties alongside jollof rice and fried rice on this side of the pond! find a good Caribbean eatery and try it out!


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