Exploring Options for Shopping Smarter

Improving the way you shop is easier than ever before, especially at this time of the year of endless shopping and gift giving. You can have any number of ideas about how you want your shopping experience to take place, and you these days online you can more than likely find it. Whether that means you want to find the best deals, make a difference through your spending or just make sure you get the right products, there are options for you. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can improve your shopping experience.


The opportunities for you save money in the modern day are far and wide. Some of them start at home with the way you make your purchases and others are through stores desperate to get you to shop with them.

First of all, the way that you can make positive changes to your shopping habits. Asking yourself important questions when you start browsing either online or in a store is the first way to making sure you’re buying smarter. If you are looking at clothes, consider how much wear you will get out of it and what is the purpose of the item. If it is a wear around the house type of sweatshirt, make sure that you are paying a fair price for it. Consider breaking the cycle of seasonal fashion-wear. Buy clothing that you like the color or style of, not what magazines are telling you are in.

Away from fashion, utilize the comparison websites that are out there. If you want to make sure you are getting a good deal, these are the places to go. Whether you’re buying a phone, a television or anything else there will be someone out there who has compiled great research ready for you to use and save.

Personal Shopper

It might seem rather glamorous to go and get yourself a personal shopper, but there are websites available these days that act as personal shopping assistants without the markup price. That means if you’re too busy to be looking around the shops or you’re just not sure what your next purchase should be, there is a dedicated team looking at your preferences, and making recommendations just for you. This is a perfect example of how you can now have a completely personal shopping experience thanks to the rise of the internet.

Give as you Buy

Finally, for the conscientious shoppers out there consider the numerous options available to you so that you can give as you buy. Initiatives like Amazon Smile program allow you to donate a small percentage of your basket at checkout to a chosen charity, without spending any more cash. That means you can feel a little bit better about spending some of your hard-earned wages because you know not only have you bought something that you want, but your shopping has gone to help others as well.

Types of Cosmetic Chemists | What to do with a Chemistry Degree?

Happy Sunday guys!!! I hope everyone is having a very relaxed weekend. Very different post here on my blog I know, but if you follow my youtube page (here)  you would know I started this series about my career as a Cosmetic Chemist about a month ago. 

I have enjoyed doing this series as it has helped me connect with you my viewers on a different level, plus the comments I have gotten from people about how much my videos are helping them make sound career decisions is Amazing

I will link the video below also feel free to watch the first one in the series here. I plan on making this a huge addition to my channel and blog so please Subscribe to stay in the know for when I upload these type of videos. I hope to get feedback, comments or anything else you may like to see. Love you!x

The Place of Sustainability in the Millennial Approach to Fashion

The most buzzed-about generation is known for many things – their different approach to pursuing career goals, their levels of awareness on social, political and environmental issues, and so on. As sustainability, in every sphere including fashion, plays a major role in the pursuit of environmental causes and saving the planet, the question that inevitably pops up is where does sustainability stand in the world of trendiness? Aside from all of the things mentioned, most of the fashion influencers and fashion and trend lovers, in general, are precisely members of the millennial generation, so how does staying on trend and on point go hand in hand with sustainability? This is the question we’ll be attempting to provide answers to here.
Photo by Orlando Gutierrez on Unsplash

Fast, trendy, but responsible

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
It’s no secret that when it comes to trends, millennials are the first to rock them. That begs the question – where do the old trends that didn’t live to tell the tale to go? As a responsible generation that they are, most millennials resort to donating their ‘older’ items to charity, or even reselling them for a symbolic price. Now, as a generation that is very much heard by the fashion industry, they are not alone in this attempt of ‘closing the circle’. Namely brands such as Patagonia and H&M have had recycling programs for quite some time now. The way they usually work is that you bring in your old clothes (regardless of the brand they are), the brand recycles them and you even get a discount on your next purchase, so it’s a win-win for all. Initiatives such as these have even given birth to another kind of production called closed-loop production. This involves using recycled materials from the very beginning, and then the garments are recycled once again, which takes the sustainability and ‘closing the circle’ even a step further. Even high-end brands such as Alexander McQueen and Gucci have committed to jumping on board by signing up for what is described as ‘commitment to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion system’.
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Trendy but timeless

As said, most trends have the lifespan of a fruit fly, but luckily, millennials are turning to trends that seem to have staying power, such as minimalism and athleisure. Both of these trends have proven they have what it takes to stay for a very long time, and by investing in a high-quality minimalistic garment or a pair of versatile and durable Nike shoes, millennials often accused of being reckless spenders are actually saving both money and their clothes. By investing in pieces that will not only be trendy for years to come but are also actually made to last, this generation is making sure these items don’t end up in the waste bins, and they’re saving their wallets at the same time, because believe it or not, they’re much pickier and more cunning when it comes to spending money than meets the eye.

The pursuit of authenticity

Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash
The desire to be trendy comes second only to the desire to be unique, recognizable and authentic when it comes to this generation, and this bodes well for sustainability. We are currently living in an age when the rise of vintage and secondhand clothing has never been bigger, and there’s a good reason for it. Vintage equals unique and at times even high-end, and secondhand means good quality, while both mean owning one of a kind garments that no one else possesses. The authenticity factor skyrockets and old clothes are saved. Aside from that, it doesn’t hurt that these vintage items are coming back in style, and if they’re not in style now, they’re bound to be soon enough. Of course, even in this aspect, millennial tendencies have won, as vintage stores are doing their best to look polished and chic; they pay special attention to the appearance and layout of the store as to be more appealing to future customers.

A huge win

Whether it was the millennial generation, older generations or all of them combined, the fight to banish fur from collections of high-end designers seems to have given results. Yes, fur looks good, but at what cost? Gen Y-ers would much rather save the animals and rock faux fur, and designers such as Michael Kors, Gucci as well as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Armani, and Tommy Hilfiger have all joined the Fur Free Alliance which commits them to create fur-free collections. This may seem like a small step, but with all these actions combined, it’s safe to say that strides towards sustainability are being made, and it’s thanks to, not in spite of millennial tendencies.

Beautifully written by Contributor Claire Hastings


Hey guys so sorry I have been so MIA on here. I have had a million and one things going on like getting a brand new job as a chemist, my dream job y'all....God is soo good. But the biggest highlight of this month has been launching my new lash line. Yup, I started a lash line... Lil ol me. #wonthedoit

This is a project I have been working on for months but years in my mind. And I am so grateful that I am now at the finish line. It took months of blood, sweat, sleepless nights, endless calls/research and much more to finally get here, but it's here and I couldn't be more proud. Lashes are my absolute favorite feature when it comes to makeup so this is a passion project.
Model wearing the 'Babe' pair

Synthetic vs Mink lashes

Synthetic eyelashes are made up of synthetic materials or plastics so the eyelashes will be much stiffer and over-weight and eventually make them harder to use it. Due to its synthetic fiber, it makes them look thicker as well. On the other hand, mink eyelashes are soft and make them look more natural when used.

What are mink lashes and what is it made of?

Mink eyelashes are made up of mink fur and it has certain advantages as well. The mink eyelashes are more natural, fluffy and lighter at the same time. Due to its light weight and higher quality of lashes, it can be reused after one use also, up to 25 times if well taken care of.
Please visit the April Lashes FAQ page here to learn more

Model wearing 'Melanin Monroe' pair

Model wearing 'Friday Night' pair


Born from the idea that every girl needs a staple pair of lashes; think your go-to lashes! As a makeup artist, April would get frustrated as she watched her beautiful makeup looks get ruined by her client’s incompetent pair of lashes due to their poor knowledge about a good pair of lashes. Triggered by this inadequacy, she started to do her research at her day job and found that mink lashes were the best thing on the market. She loved the way they looked, how flattering they were on the eyes and their 3d effect. She had her aha moment, and April Lashes was born. AL are trendsetting, innovative strip lashes created to fit every eye shape, and fit for every occasion. Our invincible lash band is one of the many reasons April Lashes is so heavily desired among our clients.

How to apply your lashes

  • Pre-trim your AprilLashes to match your natural eye length
  • Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the base of the mink strip, applying a little more at the inner and outer corner of the strip. Follow timing directions on your adhesive until the glue becomes sticky before applying to lash line.
  • Put mink strip starting at the middle of the lash line, press down and out towards inner corner first, then the outer. Hold for a few seconds/ or until secure. Apply adhesive to outer and inner corner if necessary.
  • Apply makeup and mascara BEFORE your minks. Reapply eyeliner on the inner and outer corner if necessary.
Please visit my website here to see even more details. I plan to add even more products in the future but right now I am happy with what I have, I hope you all are to. This project was created out if love and passion and I hope you can all see that. Thank you so much for all the love you have shown me in my past posts, it doesn't go unnoticed. Love you guys. Please leave a comment about what you think of the collection. 

Most comfortable outfit for the Summer

The official Summer '18 start date is June 21st, but as a Texas girl summer started like 4 months ago. lol...We are currently hitting 100's and I'm literally melting my ass off.


With such crazy weather, calls for more comfortable and light clothing like cute tops and embroidered jeans, paired with tennis shoes like these Stan Smiths, and of course what is summer without a cute pup as arm candy?

However, not gonna lie, the fear of gaining the 'summer 15' (yes I made that up) is real and it doesn't help that there is literally sweets and cakes everywhere, it seems like that's all I crave these days too. I probably consumed at least 1500 calories last night having 15 wings from Wingstop + Cajun seasoned fries + baked beans for dinner.

I will hit the gym as hard as I can, and you know what I might still end up gaining a couple of pounds after the summer break, but it doesn't matter because I will look cute doing it, and so should you! #comfortableinanysize

What is your favorite way to dress for the summer? Are you more of shorts and bandeau babe? dresses? or jeans and t-shirt girl?

Top, similar (here)  // Jeans  (here) //  Shoes (here) similar (here) (here so many choices (here)

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5 Must Have Apps That Will Change Your Instagram Game


I love Planonly because of how minimalistic it is. Think of this app as a visual planner. It lets you schedule all your posts to the exact time you want it posted (days, weeks, or months in advance). Furthermore, the app lets you view your engagement rates for each post(s) weekly, monthly and yearly. Auto-population of hashtags and @Instagram handles is one of the things that sold me on the app. The only con is that I noticed for videos and multiple images, they don't automatically post it however you can go ahead and schedule it and they will alert you when its time to get posted.


This is one of my favorite of all editing apps. With a little $5 investment you get high-end photoshop editing at your fingertips. Features like the smooth tool, detail, reshape, patch and tone are some of my favorite tools on the app. I always go back to this app most especially for all my makeup posts to get that airbrush finish. With over 32,000 downloads this app has become one of the leading beauty apps. I have so many other beauty apps that I love and that I am willing to share so please leave a comment below of you be interested in that.


I love Afterlight for brightening, sharpening and adding really cool filters like light overlays, frames, retro, and dusty dreamy filters to my photos. It does cost $2.99 in the App store but trust me it's so worth every penny.


These are both free in the app store for mobile devices but the free versions are very limiting with what you can do. I will advice making a $10.99/month creative cloud investment (which is what I have) on your desktop so that way you can explore all your creative juices. Gone are the days when we had to make $300 investments to use the photoshop app. I love both of these apps because there is no limiting to what you can do, you can literally make all your pictures look like you're on some island in Santorini and no one will know. If you are looking for a more professional think Vogue cover photo finish, this is the app you need. My main photo in these posts here and here where done in photoshop. Who wants a photoshop tutorial?

I love Lightroom because it lets me organize and have all my pictures in one place. I mostly use presets which I sometimes buy or create on my own for an added umphhh to my photos.


Last but definitely not least is my favorite app for writing on pictures. Completely free in the app store, get creative with the font on your pictures or even youtube thumbnails like here. Speaking of youtube are you guys subscribed to me on there? Please subscribe if you haven't, I have been posting a lot more frequently on there. I have a recent post of a bikini try on the haul, and one on how to apply false lashes here and here respectively.

Do you guys have any of these apps? What are some of your favorite/go-to apps? Which one will you be downloading I have so much more I didn't share but I didn't want to make this post too long. Comment below if you would like me to share more as well as share your fave apps with me also. 

Finally, I hope you all have entered my Giveaway with Jord watches here, so far only a few of you have entered if you didn't know about the giveaway you can read about it here. The winner gets $100, and you still get a prize just for entering the competition so please enter, we still have about 3 weeks left.

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Runway to Real Life: How to Pull off Spring’s Top Trends

 Strut this Spring's Top Trends

‘Tis the season to be perky, ladies, and with so much sun to look forward to, we might as well dive into our wardrobe and commence the spring cleaning frenzy! And by that we mean not just getting rid of those long-forgotten items that have been collecting dust in the back of your closet, but it’s also the perfect time to reconsider some of your spring fashion choices, with a little nudge straight from the runways!
However, therein lies the rub – some, or even a vast majority of those trends are not entirely suited to meet the needs of your everyday life. If you have found a way to take those Saint Laurent glitzy boots to a teacher-parent conference, do enlighten us. That is by no means an excuse to abandon our haute couture dreams, so let’s get down to business and bring these trends into wearable combos!

Pack on those pastels

Don’t be fooled by the subdued nature of this palette, as the sheer variety of shades available makes it close to impossible not to clad yourself in an array of ice-cream hues. From an overwhelming love for lavender, which perhaps stems from this year’s key color ultraviolet, all the way to pure white, what makes this trend oh so sweet is its ease of mixing and matching.
On the other hand, although you can effortlessly stay pretty in pink with a delicious pair of Racil pants, don’t be afraid to leap outside of your pastel comfort zone and experiment with some color-blocking, as well. Start with a single accent in bold red or neon green, for instance, but rest assured, you’ll quickly fall in love with your new stylish rainbow!

Don’t fear patterns

Color is not the only way to infuse your spring look with some fresh runway details. In fact, some of the most daring and beautiful pieces have stolen the spotlight precisely because of their clever use of patterns. For starters, vintage details are here to stay: from retro florals that can splash over your maxi dresses, all the way to delicate polka dots, in black and white to further revive this timeless style.
Other patterns that have kept their simplicity include the famous plaid look, but keep in mind that they have been given a modern makeover for the season. You can start simple with a lumberjack-worthy shirt, and move towards something as daring as a high-waisted tartan skirt, whose contemporary asymmetry brings out a new level of cool in this checkered look.

Stylish layers

Even though we cannot possibly mimic the layering seen among Gucci and Miu Miu models, among many others, this simple principle is the epitome of spring and a very practical way to enrich your look. So, instead of going overboard by piling up a tee, a shirt, a cardigan, and a classy coat, followed by a layered necklace, you can easily think practical thoughts and add some cool, but useful basics to your spring wardrobe.
While your day look may be settled with a simple tank top and a pair of distressed jeans, you can easily take your pick from a wide variety of women’s jackets that will be trendy for the season: the classic biker jacket never goes out of style, while a more sophisticated occasion may call for a printed blazer.

Denim galore

It’s sturdy, stylish, and devilishly sexy, and it’s not going anywhere from the fashion realm any time soon – denim is a preferred fabric for many a designer, and they have shown a distinct preference for denim-dominated outfits. Tom Ford, for example, has offered a few dark looks that are truly pure, head-to-toe denim. And even though it may feel like overkill to instantly step into a top and pants along with a jacket all made of denim, you sure can go back to basics with this durable material.
A form-fitting denim dress makes for an excellent spring pick, while Levi’s jeans are a staple of any collection. Plus, all of these and many other dark-hued items go splendidly well with the sporty, urban vibe that has been taking over the world by storm. Just wrap it up with your favorite pair of Converse sneakers, and you are one logged t-shirt away from spring-tastic!

As you can see, the catwalk trends are not as unreachable as they might seem at first. All it takes is a touch of imagination, some personal alterations to make the trends fit your preferences, and your personal spring collection will be brimming with runway pzazz!


Beautifully written by Contributor Amy Mia Goldsmith