5 STAGES OF GRIEF // How to deal with the loss/death of a loved one // Losing my Father

Hey guys sorry, it's a day late but a new video is now up on my channel and in this one, I share with you "How you can correctly deal with grief", how I have personally dealt with losing my Dad about 4 years ago now, and how you too can live with the loss of a loved one. It's never easy but we have to keep moving forward because the reality is they are never coming back. Watch the video here. Don't forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE.

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I wanted to start with a 20 Questions Tag because I thought it would be the best way for you guys to get to know me a lot more and we can sort of be a family on here :-) Finally, make sure to leave a comment or feedback on the video!

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Spring Ready in my Karl Lagerfeld Blush Dress + Behind the Scenes

The rain this morning has me confused if spring is really here. Nevertheless, I am grateful for this above 60's weather we've had the past week. Blush, Pink, and Rose are totally in for the spring so and this Karl Lagerfeld dress (here), alternative (here) couldn't be a better fit. 

Love the self-trim detailing on the shoulder, pockets, and hem. Adds a personal touch to it. Also how cute is the flower shape button. I'm in love

Karl Lagerfeld is a creative genius and it definitely shows in anything he designs, from his Fendi designs to his own personal brand. He listens to what a woman wants which is to feel beautiful on the inside and transcend that on the outside through what she chooses to wear. So many spring dress choices (here)

What colors and/or brands are you all into this spring? I'm personally stuck in a color rut because I can't seem to decide what colors to prioritize for my trip to Cancun, Mexico, which is less than a month away. 

What colors are you all going to be rocking this spring? Has anyone booked a vacation for the year? My goal this year is to travel, travel, travel, because aside from Nigeria (which is my home), and the US  (where I live) I haven't been to any other countries. So I hope this year brings more traveling opportunities. Please comment below where you currently live and where your ideal vacation spot for 2018 is? 

Dress (here) similar (here ) other really cute options (here)// Shoes (here) similar (here) (here(here) (here) so many choices (here)

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It truly takes a team to bring these photos to life so thanks to my bf for capturing this #bts photo and photographer Maribel Morales for always taking amazing photos of me.

Weekend Recap! Salad, Thai food, Modelling for Patbo,etc

Hey, fam! I didn't get to post much over the weekend, so I wanted to do a recap of all the activities I got into. My weekend actually got busy outta nowhere as I didn't think I would even get to do much. 

However, as a model be prepared to randomly have to do a job that you had no idea about. My agent messaged me about a job for Saturday morning and of course, I had to say yes. 


The first activity was to model for a Brazilian clothing brand called Patbo, founded by Patricia Bonaldi, that recently launched at Tootsie's store here in Dallas. I loved how true the foundation of the brand was to its Brazilian roots, definitely sparked a sense of beauty and excitement in me as the brand boasts on their about page. The colors and the fit were absolutely impeccable. It gave me tropical vibes. What a perfect time to launch a brand that tailors to the new spring weather. If the collection wasn't so over my budget I would have dropped a few coins on the brand. It was absolutely beautiful.


Later that night, my boyfriend and I had had dinner at one of our favorite dinner spots in Uptown Dallas called Crisps. my favorite is their 'Thai it up salad'. It has grilled shrimp, romaine, spinach, carrots, mandarin oranges, chow mein noodles, and spicy Thai peanut dressing. Just a bowl of yumminess. You can spot my bf hiding/running away from my abusive iPhone camera. lol, That's what he gets for dating a blogger.


Another one of our fav spots is Crush Craft, a Thai restaurant also in Uptown Dallas. As a true African, I always get the fried rice. So yum!

I always sneak in pictures of him haha


Later on in the day, I went and visited my family, hadn't seen them in over a month. These little munchkins pictured below are my cousins who I love dearly. How cute are they!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you did below and I will do more. What did you all get up to this weekend comment below? I genuinely wanna know.

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A DAY IN MY LIFE / April Basi

Hey guys so as requested and very different from the type of post I would normally do I wanted to share with you all aspects of my day, as a way to get more personable on here, so you get to know me a bit better, and since today was an off day it was perfect. 

I always plan to relax on my off days but somehow I end up doing so much and barely getting any rest. I had to run to driver's license office for the 5th time (as complications keep arising) to get a new license which I thankfully finally got today. 

I got home super exhausted and decided to do my makeup, which I am getting so much better at so proud of myself. Then off  I went to the nail store to fix 2 broken nails that were hurting so badly. Who else gets very painful pains in their nails when their fake nails start getting old?

Next, I went to the mall and stopped by H&M, as they are having huge sales right now on most of their fall items. I thought this jacket was cute but didn't end up getting it cuz it felt kind of blah and the quality wasn't great, but it would've been a $20 steal, was original $59.99.  You guys like?

When I saw these jeans say '25 x skinny' I thought it has to be my size, and it's long too!!!! lol Every tall girl loves tall jeans that reach her ankles. #rarefind

Tried them on and nope didn't fit at all. Barely made it past my butt, so 1) Shade for telling me to lose weight 2) False advertisement :-( As you can tell by my expressions I was sad, plus the zipper won't even close, so disrespectful (insert eye-roll). Moral of the story, every 'skinny girl' doesn't fit into size 0 pants, I have my struggles too.

Has this ever happened to you where you get excited some cute jeans/ pants and swear they are gonna fit but they don't even go past your thigh? Let me know in the comments below. Have you guys been shopping the fall sales or nah?

Also do you guys like these type of posts? no filter or nothing just straight up me? Let me know so I do more, I'll probably make my boyfriend make his debut on here as well.

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Last winter post || Bye bye cold

I'm sure by now we are all over the cold and ready to shuffle out all of our winter clothes and replace them with our summer shorts, bikini sets and crop tops. I for one have been long ready and cannot wait to reorganize my closet for this spring/ summer season.

My mental mood for spring is definitely reflected on why I chose this color coat. It is so vibrant, cool and fun, which is literally going to be my mood all 2018. Here in Texas, the weather has been bi-polar as usual, it literally is warm and beautiful one minute and rainy and cold the next. Seems like the weather can't get it together like how most of us feel about Mondays! haha

Right, when I got this coat from Asos (here) I impulsively reached for the Quay sunglasses I got on a steal last summer for $60. And it looked like it was made to wear with this 

I always loved the trend of wearing socks with heels not just because of an added buffer between your feet and the shoe, but because it adds individuality to it which is what I am all about when it comes to fashion. Do you guys like the sock in heels trend? comment in the comment section below

I hope you all enjoyed this post. It's the start of a new week, which means new opportunities so let's crush it. 

O comment below what the weather is like where you live. So I know where to pack my bags and move to next. haha, I am also thinking of getting a little bit more personal with you on here and sharing activities of what I get up to throughout the week or even the weekends. 

The content, however, might not be as professional as my outfit pictures, but I thought it would be a good way for me to be more personable, and you can get to know me a bit better that way. Please let me know below if you all will be interested in that.

Coat (here) similar (here oversized here) trench coat (here)// Shoes (here) similar (here) // Sunglasses (here) shop the site for other fabulous choices (here)

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