My friend wanted to treat me on my last night before I went to Nigeria, so we decided to try out this cafè we had heard so much about and thank God we weren't disappointed. The food was delish.


Kedu? I hope you are having a great weekend so far, make sure you go to church on Sunday o. I thought I should share with you all some of the lipsticks I'm absolutely loving for the fall. They are my go to lipsticks for anytime I'm rushing out the house and don't want to spend time debating on what lipstick to wear. I will recommend any of these lipsticks because not only are they flattering, but they go on very smoothly on the lips and are long-lasting. From top left to bottom right:
#1 Kat Von D- in Bauhaus. (matte)
#2 Bite- Muscat (glossy)
#3 Mac- Smoked purple w/ Nightmoth lipliner (retro-matte)
#4 Mac- Riri woo (matte)

O also, although the Bauhaus lipstick appears very red (like the ririwoo) in this picture, it is actually a deep raspberry color. This picture for some reason didn't catch the true color of it.


Now if I were to have a favorite food it would be sushi. I absolutely love sushi. Raw or cooked, it makes my heart happy. This one is the Shrimp Tempura. Just a little morning fun fact.


Jacket- Zara, Scarf- Wal-Mart, Sweater- Guchi, Jeans- H&M, Boots- DSW, Watch- MarcJacobs, Purse- Ralph Lauren, Sunglasses- Ray Ban Aviators


This past weekend Guchi and I ( you guys remember her from my previous interview) went to visit a buddy of ours that just moved to the States from the Uk to kinda catch up with her, see her new place and what not. I know, I  could have uploaded more pictures, but we were too busy having a good time that I even forgot to take pictures half the time. These are the few bits I was able to capture. For the most part we walked around Newbury street. And I must say I am really digging fall fashion everybody was all coated up, just shinning shinning, hmm I must say I was very inspired.

Episode 3 - Wanda

Hi my name is April Basi, and today I will be interviewing Wanda. I actually met Wanda through IG about a year go. I messaged her inquiring about something and she was kind enough to message me back, since then we have been in each others lives, and I have to say she is an all round awesome person, and definitely one of my greatest supporters. She sent me this interview a while ago, but I wanted to wait till Sunday night to post it on my blog so you guys can get in trouble while reading it at work on Monday morning.... hehe! Anyway enough talking lets get to it…
What is your name?
Wanda Azu Owoh
How old are you?
Twenty-one! Do you want to check my ID? HA!
Yesso. We checked and she wasn’t lying …hehe. All these females claiming 21, we had to make sure. Anyway…I digress...
Where do you live?
Currently, I reside in Virginia for school but I was raised in South Carolina.
What do you do for a living?
Second year student pharmacist at Hampton University School of Pharmacy.
Favorite childhood memory?
My favorite childhood memory would be meeting my best friend Gail at an Abiriba Convention. All of the children were running around like headless chickens except Gail and I. I walked up to her and said “Can we be friends? Because these other kids will get me in trouble”. Thankfully, she agreed and the rest is history!