NAIJA 2014

So y'all know I recently went away, hence there was not much activity on my blog, well here is the reason why. I had to visit Nigeria for about a month due to some family commitments. I have lived in the US since 2009 but I try to visit Nigeria at least once every year. I always have a swell time every time I get to go home. I got to see my best friend after 5 years of not seeing her, and so many other friends I hadn't seen in years. It was so much fun. I also visited Abuja for the very first time since I had heard so much about it, and I must say I wasn't disappointed. I got to see MI, Femi Kuti, and my fave Burna Boy. I wasn't able to get so many pictures throughout my stay, and I know some of the pictures might appear blurry so please pardon with me. All in all, I had such a good time in Naija and can't wait to go back again.