How I Achieved Pink/Fuchsia Temporary Highlights with Chroma Lights

Well more like Fuchsia highlights as the box says.... If you're like me and get bored easily of one hair color you'll like this one.

With the help of Chroma lights, I was able to take my hair from this boring dark color to a more spring appropraite and fun color by adding this pink/fuchsia highlights 
p.s ignore the nails they will get done this weekend.

Sapphire Hues

Happy Monday dolls! I hope y'all are having a good week so far. This is the first makeup look I am actually posting on a "makeup Monday" in a while...haha..I created this look last week, so I would have enough time to actually post on Monday. I tried to go outside the box with this one as I started to feel like all my looks were starting to look a little similar. Plus my face is my canvas right so why not try different styles of painting. right? I hope you guys like. Let me know your thoughts...x

10,000 Views Giveaway + Winners ft Wet and Wild products

Hey guys! As I stated in my last post here, My official first giveaway is finally here, and I am so excited.  It is really a very small giveaway as I really wanted to show you guys that I appreciate each and everyone that reads my blog.. don't worry it will only get bigger from here. 

I will list the two winners of the giveaway, as well as what they will be getting after the cut.

GREEN LINING + info on 10,000 views giveaway

My people I had a lot of fun doing this makeup look. I used mostly the greens in my Bh cosmetics special occasion pallete. And can you guys just agree that I did a terrific job? No?...ok. But nah I really liked doing this look and its a also a bit of a bold step for me as I usually do mostly basic colors but I thought "its time to go green why shirt is green anyway" (idk what exactly that means...but y'all get the point abi?)

04/11/15 Trip to the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hey lovers I hope you are all well. This weekend I went on kind of an impromptu trip to "The city that never sleeps" New York. We visited the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Museum ofArt in Manhattan. It was an awesome experience. It felt surreal the kind of things that human beings can make with their hands. I was in awe of a lot of the art pieces. But first, let me just say this. This post would not have been possible without this software called Stellar phoenix photo recovery. 

Story time: I was being cheap and decided not to buy a new memory card and didn't want to deal with deleting pictures one by one from my memory card, so when I saw "delete 135 files from camera".... I thought...Jackpot!! "I definitely have over 135 pictures on my camera so that can't be all my pictures." My brothers and sisters, little did I know that hitting that button would delete ALL the pictures from my memory card.  
I wept, I laughed I didn't even know what to do. Until God led me to this youtube video where this guy used this soft ware to recover all his pictures. It works like magic guys. Now onto our events of the day.

Wet n wild 99c lippies

 As you guys can tell I went crazy, and had to stack up when I saw these lippies. O and even better they were 3 for $2. ....yep! cheap, vibrant, and long lasting sounds good to me. Mac lipsticks has nothing on these lippies. 

Cashmere is easily my favorite of all of them. Its a grayish brown color, and reminds me of the Rihanna Viva glam II lipstick. 

While i'm on on it let me quickly rave about the new L'oreal infallible pro-matte 24hr foundation. Y'all I would never use a $14 foundation. But a friend of mine convinced me to try this and I will say this has easily become my go to foundation. 

This is a quick before and after picture of me with and without the foundation on. It says medium coverage but I personally feel like it gives me full coverage, because it covers all my pores and dark circles and gives me a smooth matte finish. Usually my problem with cheap foundations is that it has that cakey feel to it that leaves your skin scaly and whitish looking, but I haven't had any of that with this foundation.

Clearly I barely have any Thank God for eyebrow pencil. baba God noni