Purple Smoky Eyes with a hint of Red x Gold

The last time I did a makeup look was back in December so I figured it was time for another one. Honestly as much as I like makeup, fashion and the art of styling has my heart. Therefore outfit posts will probably be taking over this blog on the long run.


Happy Valentines day guys. I hope you have a terrific one. Me I will be having a great time with or w/o a bae.  I did a mini Valentines day shoot with my lovely friend Edison over the weekend, and the photos turned out great. I realized I didn't get one photo of me smiling but y'all just know I was smiling on the inside. 


Okay first let me just say I realized after posting this photos that this looks like a Starbucks commercial..lol..I wish. Anyway happy new month; and for us here in the States happy black history month. 

This was my outfit today and clearly I was feeling myself enough to take photos. Plus I have been inactive for a while on here so I had to crank something out. I've missed y'all!!