Episode 6: Nneka Ngene

My name is April Basi and today I will be interviewing Nneka Jennifer Ngene. The last day of 2014 is fast approaching, and I couldn’t end this year without dishing out my last interview of the year. I couldn’t think of a more perfect person to do it other than Ms Nneka, not only because I’ve know her for such a long time, but she is literally one in a million. P.s. check out her photography skills, her pictures are flawless. Ok! let me stop rambling, you know the drill. Sit tight grab a cup of juice/tea/coffee and enjoy. See you in 2015!
What is your name? I am Nneka
How old are you? *Gasp* Ha, no biggie. I am 22 years old.
Where do you live?  I’m currently living in Nigeria.
What do you do for a living? I recently just graduated so I’m currently waiting to start the mandatory NYSC in Nigeria.
Favourite childhood memory? Summers spent at Laugh n Learn, which was like a summer camp organised by the company my Dad worked with. I met so many great people that I am still friends with till this day.
Favourite food?  This is quite hard...because I love a lot of things, but I love my proteins so chicken any day, salmon and beef occasionally.


You know I couldn't forget about my color lovers. Well what better deigner to think about this festive season other than Kate Spade. I think she is a brilliant designer and her style is so unique. These are a few of her pieces I was able to find online. I'm sure they can all be found online on her website; www.katespade.com . I will speak more about these outfits later. Till then, have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!  


Christmas is upon us, like it's barely two days away. Can you believe it? 2014 is like over! Need a dress to wear to that hot date with your boo, family get together, or event? Are you a black lover? I gatchu. So these are a few outfit ideas I put together to wear to that event you have been going crazy thinking about what to wear. Now if you are like me and are a sucker for black but don't want to be boring this christmas. These outfits are a perfect way to be dark yet sophisticated. You are covering all the right places yet still showing off some skin. Personally these outfits are something you would see me wear, mostly because I like to keep it classy and these outfits scream classy. Plus we can't forget the shoes. My fave outfit and shoes on here is definitely number two because its fun and the shoes give you a lot of feet cleavage. Now go getcho life girl! 


So these are the things I want for christmas this year. I have actually wanted them for a very long time now, but the lack of ego (money) at the moment won't let me have them.

Camel Coat: I've been wanting one since like last year. I feel like one of these would look great with anything. You can dress it up, dress it down and it will still look very sophisticated. Infact it will make you look like a bigs geh. I especially like the ones with the lapel front. A staple in any closet. I like these ones from Asos and She Inside.

Episode 5: Martina Mapa

Hi my name is April Basi and today I will be interviewing Zimbabwe's one and only Martina Mapa. I met Martina while in community college, and she has always been a sweet heart, so it wasn't a hassle at all to get her to do this interview. O p.s in case you missed it, she’s not Nigerian so you know you want to read this interview. I personally had a great time doing it, and I learnt a lot from her. Now, sit tight grab a cup of tea and enjoy.
What is your name ? Martina or  Tina depending on our level of emmm comfort with each other.
How old are you? 22  
Where do you live ? Arlington, TX
What do you do for a living? Full time student
So, usually people ask what you like about being grown up, but lets be honest nobody likes being grown up, so I decided to change it up and say;
 What do you hate about being grown up? I would have to say, the hurt that relationships and friendships bring. When you are young and you fight with someone in kindergarten, tomorrow you will be friends again. Friendships and relationships as you grow older become very hard to let go and very painful to go through. They leave scars and bruises that really change us as humans but then again they teach us lessons that contribute to the person you become the next day. So I guess it is a bittersweet experience.
I totally feel you on that, longevity of friendships become much harder as we grow up.



Top: XXI, Skirt: Asos, Shoes: Nine West, Bracelet & Necklace: J Crew, Watch: Marc Jacobs
I apologize for the low quality picture. But this is the outfit I wore last night for a night out with one of my girlfriends. I didn't bring my camera with me so I had to use my Iphone camera. Believe it or not I got this this top from XXI for just $5, and since then I have worn it nonstop. I style it in so many ways with a high waisted skirt, shorts and pants.  I love the versatility of it, and I think everyone should own a little black top for those nights you have no idea what to wear out.


 I recently bought this gorgeous bag on a bargain from Macys, it is the Micheal Kors large kempton scarlet bag in red (also available in other colors). I have been eyeing it for a while now but the price was just ridiculus so I decided to wait for the price to drop. The actual retail price for this bag is $138 but I finally got it on sale for $96. This might seem like a steal, considering they never go on sale, but I was even more gassed when I saw it on ebay, brand new for $83 and some change. You can get it here. This bag is great for school, work or even just as a day to day purse. It is also a perfect gift idea for this christmas season. Plus it's a Micheal Kors bag so you know it'll be long lasting. If you are not comfortable buying on ebay I'm sure you can still find it in the store. Now hurry and thank me later. 

Episode 4: DR. EZIE

Hi my name is April Basi and today I will be interviewing  Dr. Ezie. Ezie aka Esther has been a very close friend of my family and I since our childhood days. So she is my personal person o. Oya, sit tight grab a cup of tea, coffee or palm wine (whatever you feel most comfortable) and enjoy.

What is your name ? My name is Esther Ihezie or Dr. Ezie

How old are you? How old am I?? Old enough…. besides its never polite to ask a lady her age

Haha I apologise

Where do you live ? Currently relocated to NYC after a short stint in Chicago

What do you do for a living? I am an ER physician

NAIJA 2014

15 Naija songs I’ve been into lately

  1. Shoki - Lil Kesh
  2. Sekem - MC Galaxy
  3. Sanko - Timaya
  4. My darlin - Tiwa savage
  5. Oreo - Iyanya
  6. Kissing - Yemi Alade
  7. Adaobi- Mavin records
  8. Onye- Waje ft Tiwa savage
  9. Amin - Dammy Krane
  10. Girlie ‘o’ remix- Patoranking ft Tiwa Savage
  11. Murda - Seyi Shay
  12. Baby hello - Wande Coal
  13. Golibe - Flavour
  14. Ride out - Angel ft Sneakbo + the one with Iyanya
  15. Coco baby - Waje
Ehe my people I thought I should share some of the songs I have been absolutely loving these past few months. Some of them are new, and some are old. I recently went to Nigeria and everybody was going crazy over The Shoki and Sekem dance, and I can't lie me and my non-dancing self followed them o. I absolutely love the Shoki dance it is so creative and fun. I most especially love how Funke Akindele (I love her) and Tiwa Savage do it. For most of these songs, what really got my attention was their music videos, and how creative they got with them especially My Darling by Tiwa Savage and Onye by Waje (my favorites). I also love Oreo by Iyanya but Iyanya needs to cool down for Jesus with the "Mr sexy" thing.  But In general if you don't check out any of these songs at least check out Sekem by MC Galaxy (you'll love it). I provided all the links to all the songs just click on their names. You're welcome. O btw some of the songs I am also loving I didn't mention on the list are: Check and Balance by Burna Boy, Johnny the French and English version, and Surulere by Dr Sid and Don Jazzy. 


Kedu? I hope everyone is well. I know I have been away for a while please forgive me I will explain why in a different post very soon. But my outfit (Iro(top) x Buba(wrapper)) is one I wore recently to my little cousins  birthday party. I'm sure you have seen it everywhere if you are African, it is very much on trend. This one was made for me by my mom. If you like what you see and would like one, stay tuned! because, in the near future I will be posting photos of other styles and colors of this outfit and it will be for sale (more info when I do the post). Thank you so much for your patience with me. xx