Get the New Year hook up with StyleWe

I thought my last christmas post here was going to be my last post for the year but I had to get this post out before the year runs out. We are only 48 hours away from the new year and I wanted to share with you guys the ultimate New Years hook up with StyleWe.

StyleWe is an online fashion website which offers beautiful dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, knitwear, shoes, bags, etc all from independent fashion designers at affordable prices.

Designs above are by fashion design expert Erica of Cyanine Sea

StyleWe mission is to bridge the wide gap between fashion designers and the consumer, by by-passing wholesalers and retailers to give the customers direct contact with the designers.

Merry Christmas to you x yours // Lookbook part 2

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from the deepest part of my heart to yours!


Happy 1st Day of December, I can't believe we only have 29 days until 2016 is over. I'm super pumped for Christmas.


Hey guys happy weekend. Cheers to all the turn up and owambe's going on this weekend. It's been a long and stressful week and i'm just happy it's over, and I get to relax.

Style Crush | Simone Biles #Blackgirlmagic

I have never been prouder to be a black girl than I was yesterday after watching Simone Biles complete and win the last leg of the womens individual gymnastics all round final at the Rio Janeiro Olympics game last night. It was such a smooth finish, you could tell it was destined to be, and above all it was her time to shine.


Hey guys I wanted to make this post before I got carried away with my activities of today..haha. This was an impromptu photoshoot I did in front of our beach home in Destin. The views were absolutely insane and this photos do it no justice whatsoever. I could have gotten more shots in but it started to rain so I couldn't take any more photos :-( I hope you guys like the few I managed to get in.

Olive Green Smokey Eye + Youtube Video

Hey guys happy new month, I hope this new month has brought blessings thus far. Here is a makeup look I did a couple of days ago. I wanted to do something that kind of incorporated both fall and summer seeing as summer is almost slipping away from us (insert sad face), and we will soon be transitioning into fall. Anyway I thought this Olive Green Smokey Eye look would be perfect for that. 

Choker me up!! The choker trend

Hey guys, happy new week. I wanted to talk to you guys today, about the choker trend that has been quite everywhere lately especially on your favorite celebrities, and I am absolutely in love with the trend. See photos below...

Happy 46th birthday Naomi Campbell

Happy birthday to living legend and queen of the runway Naomi Campbell. You have paved the way for all of us. Wish you nothing but continued success on all your endeavors. Congrats on your new book and  swim wear line. 
See more photos and more on her new book and swim line below

Blogging Tips 101 \\ Installing Adsense, Template to use, Wordpress or Blogger and more

Hey guys happy weekend!! Today I will be starting my blogging tips series. I have gotten a few questions via email on blogging tips, how to start up adsense on blogger, whats the best template to use and just overall how to have a better blog. So I decided to start this series because afterall thats what I am here for, and if I don't share what my readers want to see then that would make me a bad blogger.

Starting out, everything I know about blogging I taught myself with the help of videos and images online, so I know the struggle. For this first series I will answer questions like; what blogging host should I use ? What do I blog about ? Should I create a social media page ? How to set up adsense and much more, so keep reading and hopefully this is a little helpful to those of you who need answers to these kind of questions.

10 HACKS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW: Air out your Vagina, shave your face, how to look more confident

So I recently saw this video by Patricia Bright (which has quickly gotten very popular) on hacks every woman should know. It resonated so much with me, I just had to share it with you guys, because I think that every woman should know this. It was also very educational and I learned a lot of tricks to being a woman. Enjoy!!

1. Air out your Vagina/Huha/Veejayjay:
This is funny because I never knew Silk & Synthetic underwear traps moisture. Ladies, lets invest more in cotton underwear because those resist moisture and stop unwanted boils or infections such as yeast and bacterial infections. Go commando/naked at night if you have to, it don't hurt nobody. Let your huha breathe.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen serving major mom & dad goals on the streets of NYC

Since having baby Luna about a month ago, Chrissy Teigen has been showing off her snatched post baby bod. She and her little family are currently in New York and have just been out here slaying the streets. See more photos below

Kim Kardashian covers Vogue Australia's June 2016 issue wearing YEEZY.

Say what you want about them but the Kardashian/Jenner clan is unstoppable. Congrats to Kim K for gracing the cover of Vogue Australia out and on stands & online May 16!

Kendall Jenner Slays on the cover of Harper's Baazar June/July 2016 Issue

A huge congrats to Kendall Jenner for gracing the cover of Harper's Baazar June/July Issue. She has appeared on the prestigious magazine a couple of times but she looks incredible in this one particularly. The photos were shot by the iconic Karl Lagerfeld. In the magazine she reveals growing up she thought she would end up as a Vet or be a professional horseback rider.

9 Best Stores to shop online // Zara, Public Desire, VS, Missguided and more

I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite stores I like to shop online. Shopping online is both a blessing and a curse, I'm sure we can all agree. It is so much easier to sit on your bed, hit the check out button and just wait like a queen for your parcel to arrive versus going through all the craziness that comes with shopping at the store; long queues, hours of going through merchandise and limited available items. On the bad side you can spend all your money on online shopping and you don't even know it, but that still doesn't stop

Click the Read more button below to see why these are my favorites, and why I love them...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Kanye West, John Legend, Tyra Banks and many others display love

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

 The love of a mother knows no bounds. I am using this adorable photo Ms Kelly Rowland just posted on her instagram, and a few others below to wish every super mom out there a very 'Happy Mothers Day'. #Momsrock

STYLE CRUSH | Blac Chyna x Karma Kardashian

Blac Chyna is 1000% our style crush for today, because not only is she carrying the heir (Karma Kardashian) to the Kardashian clan, she is a master strategist and definitely deserves an award at her former strip club. I almost gagged when I saw the news yesterday. The story just keeps getting better and I am so here for it. Go Chyna! The Kardashians don't even know what hit them

Life Hacks that will make your life 10x easier

I was browsing through pintrest yesterday and I randomly ran across these life hacks that will literally blow your mind away. Did you know that a soda-pop can be used to make extra hanging space in your closet? See this and many more amazing hacks after the cut. Thank me later!


Desi Perkins

 The Latina goddess. I discovered Desi not too long ago, and to say that I am not obsessed, I would be lying. Her quirky and chill personality is what has drawn a lot of people to her channel. In just a year she has amassed over 4 million loyal followers on all of her social media accounts. She really is as real as they get, so yes I am definitely a part of the Squad.  She and her husband Steven are just the cutest, he is super supportive of her. O and did I mention this chic slays an eyeliner wing ? 

Looks from the MET GALA 2016 in NYC

The MET Gala is happening right now in NYC and these are most of the looks from it.  Check out more photos below. The theme this year was technology in fashion. Beyoncè, Lupita N'yongo, Ciara, Future, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Zayn, Nick Jonas, Gigi x Bella Hadid, Kendall x Kylie Jenner and many more.

20 Things you need to know in your 20's : relationships, sex, money, career, etc

1.You’re expected to be 100% independent: #keyword 'expected' lol..I remember when my best friend and I were in the 12th grade (SS3) we would always say that the next time we see each other after college (at 22) we would greet each other in our range rovers. Fast-forward 5 years later, we greeted each other in a Keke na pep and we were still living in our parents house how ironic. It’s crazy how in high school you think you will be your own boss after you graduate college but it never quite happens like that.

2. A lot of wrong decisions will be made: Countless times you will make very foolish decisions, and some you will regret. But always remember to pick yourself up, it’s not the end of the world. There is a quote I love by my favorite pastor Joel Osteen he says “there is a reason the rear view mirror in your car is very small compared to your windshield, its because what is behind you is very small compared to what is in front of you”…. This leads me to my next point

Calling a model a 'plus size' model is rude ?

Speaking of models, while models like Maria Borges is out here making waves, plus size models are taking the piss. According to a research done with by the Huffington Post, plus size models are tired of being referred to as 'plus size models' and would like to be referred to as just 'models'. They feel like the term is rude & derogatory and should be dropped.
Find out what plus size model sorry model Ashley Graham, designer Isaac Mizrahi and others have to say on the issue.

Style Crush | Angolan Model Maria Borges

Our style crush today is Maria Borges. When I say style I am not just referring to the individuals sense of style but the all round nature & achievement of the individual. 
Maria made history and became wildly known after she became the first black model to rock her natural hair at the Victoria Secret Fashion show in November 2015. Since then Maria has been unstoppable walking high profile shows including  Armani,  Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Kenzo, JasonWu, Jeremy Scott and many others.

Nikki Minaj on the cover of Time Magazine

I am all for black women doing big things so congrats to Nikki Minaj for being on the cover of Time Magazine. She is the only female rapper to ever cover the spread so a big congrats to her. Other big rappers that have made the cover  include Kanye West and Jay Z. It has also covered Oscar winning Leonard DiCaprio, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Broadway star Lin-Manuel and a host of many others.

Style Crush | EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson son of legendary basketball player Magic Johnson is not out to play. Since dropping a whopping 180 pounds after weight loss surgery Ej has been killing the game, and is not afraid to show it off, therefore he is our style crush today. See more feirce pictures of Ej since loosing weight.

Myths Nigerians believe about Nigerians living in the US

 If I had a dollar for every time my sister has asked me to call her back, after she flashes my phone, or asked me to research something for her because I have "constant internet", I would be a very wealthy woman by now. So therefore I have decided to bring y'all this post to let you guys know 5 reasons why things are not always very rosy for us here in the States.



Rita Dominic is my first style crush for the week. Why ? Simply because she Slays. I have watched Rita's journey grow back from her first movie A Time To Kill, to now that she is a movie producer with multiple high profile awards. I have just always liked her as an actress, but now as a fashionista.

See as Rita's style has evolved back from her house girl days to now slaying every bitch in the game.

Beyonce's New Mystery Album "Lemonade" + Link to the whole album

As you probably know by now Beyonce just released her long awaited 6th album Lemonade, and everywhere is buzzing about it. I still can't believe it's been 3 years since her last album, so I was so ready for this new album.

Lemonade which is only exculsively available on Tidal  is " a conceptual based project based on every woman's journey on knowledge and healing' according to the reps at Tidal.


It has come to my attention that Nigerian women have taken over the Agbada.

 If you don't know what Agbada is oya let me gist you. Agbada is a very typical Nigeria outfit which dates back from before my and your forefathers were is typically worn only to special occasions and can be seen as a symbol of wealth and accomplishment... you gerrit ? Cool. Now that thats out the way let me share a few forros of how men wear it and how women are now wearing it, and you guys be the judge...

Music Legend and Fashion Icon Prince dead at 57

Legend Prince born Prince Rogers Nelson has died today at 57 (1958-2016). He will be greatly missed. I for one don't really know much of his music so I won't even lie and say I loved his music (please don't come for me if you are a fan of his music ), but looking through his pictures, this man was low-key, or maybe hghkey a fashion icon, so of course I had to make a post about it. He was definitely a trendsetter.

Collaboration with WSDEAR + GIVEAWAY for my blog readers {CLOSED}

Hey guys!! So this is an exciting one because its a Giveaway, who doesn't like free stuff ? I do. Because lately, it feels like I have to pay for everything, even

So to feed your fashion on a budget needs, I have collaborated with WSDear, an online clothing company offering affordable clothing for both men and women to bring you this giveaway. WSDear offers current trendy items i.e dresses, swimwear,  jumpsuits, plus size clothing, and accessories, to your everyday basics fit for all age ranges, with prices starting at $9.99. O and guess what shipping is free worldwide, no minimum purchase required. Now you know thats a good deal because most companies want you to spend a little something something before you get free shipping.

If you did not catch it, WSDear ships free worldwide in 24hrs, no minimum purchase required, so yes no matter what part of the world you are, you can enter the giveaway and shop on their website.

These are some of my favorite items on the site:

WCW Transgender Blogger Gigi Gorgeous

My first WCW on here goes to transgender model/blogger Gigi. With well over 2 million followers on her social media, Gigi has been killing the fashion game lately. I mean I feel like I have watched this girl grow from 0 to 100 literally. I love all her videos on youtube and think she's an all round cool person who is unapologetically her, which is how I am striving to be daily

Bella Hadid on the Cover of W Magazine Korea for May 2016

Bella Hadid who is the daughter of then famous model Yolanda Foster and sister to current hot supermodel Gigi Hadid is the new face for W Magazine Korea for the month of May 2016. I honestly never thought of her as a model...

Coachella Fashion Recap 2016

If you have been following my tweets, its on the right hand corner of my page just hit follow :-) I have decided to start to share a lot more content on my page mostly fashion related stuff, and just touching base with the lifestyle aspect of my blog which I feel like is slowly dwindling away. I will post a lot on fashion related material, because I want you guys to get a feel of the kind of things I am into and on the long run be your go to blog for all your current fashion trends, both home (naija) and internationally really.  


Hey guys happy #MakeupMonday... gosh I haven't said that in a while. I need yo go back to doing makeup posts every Monday.  Btw thanks so much for all the birthday wishes, they were all greatly appreciated ♥ 

If you haven't already seen it, I have a new video on my youtube channel showing you how I created this really cute makeup look.

♥ Happy Birthday To Me ♥

Go April it's yo birthday! Say ah ah ah ah If you follow me on snapchat (chifyy) you already saw the sneak peak :-) Happyyyy Birthday to me, although birthdays are like regular days to me I am still so grateful to God for letting me see another year. 

Glam Glitter Smokey eye + Colourpop Lipsticks || Youtube Tutorial

Hey guys incase you missed it, I do have a new video on my youtube page on how I did this super glam smokey eye. I also showed 2 of the color pop lipsticks that I own.  It's pretty easy and straight forward, please check it out, let me know what you think, and of course like and subscribe to ya girl .... I will also leave products used & a link to the video at the end of the post ....♥ AB!

Mid-Calves x Mini skirts

Get ready to Work Work Work Work!! because it's'm so lame, but seriously if I had a $ for how many times I have heard that song on the radio Mark Zuckerberg will have nothing on me. Anyway I digress, happy Friday I hope you are all pumped up for Easter because I am. Todays outfit is more of a relaxed but edgy look.


Hey guys happy Monday. I hope everyone is alive and I sound like an african auntie. Anyway I missed y'all...♥ 
I spotted this Mexican restaurant close to my house, and right away, it made me nostalgic of the kind of buildings I saw in Miami while I was on spring break 2 years ago, it just looked really cool and fun, so of course I had to shoot here.

NEW IN MAKEUP PRODUCTS: DIOR, Anastasia Beverly Hills & more

Hey guys, its been a while I did one of these, but I wanted to share with you some make up products I picked up at Ulta a couple days ago. I am so in love with #3. Keep reading to see what I think of the rest of them.

DyHair777 Peruvian Straight Hair Review + Youtube Video

Hey guys happy new month. I just uploaded a video on my youtube channel telling you guys all about this super affordable fab hair I have been wearing for a little while now. Check it out, I will also link the video down below. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

Purple Smoky Eyes with a hint of Red x Gold

The last time I did a makeup look was back in December so I figured it was time for another one. Honestly as much as I like makeup, fashion and the art of styling has my heart. Therefore outfit posts will probably be taking over this blog on the long run.


Happy Valentines day guys. I hope you have a terrific one. Me I will be having a great time with or w/o a bae.  I did a mini Valentines day shoot with my lovely friend Edison over the weekend, and the photos turned out great. I realized I didn't get one photo of me smiling but y'all just know I was smiling on the inside. 


Okay first let me just say I realized after posting this photos that this looks like a Starbucks wish. Anyway happy new month; and for us here in the States happy black history month. 

This was my outfit today and clearly I was feeling myself enough to take photos. Plus I have been inactive for a while on here so I had to crank something out. I've missed y'all!!