Workout Routine Update +30K Giveaway Winners + Waist Training

Hey guys, I wanted to do a quick update on my workout routine which I briefly talked about in this post here . I have been doing quite a good job in keeping up with it. Recently I have reduced my cardio workouts, and have been doing mostly waist workouts/training, because believe it or not, I am naturally a skinny girl but sadly, I am built like a brick i.e. no curves no nothing. So currently I am focusing on my waist area.

Collaboration with Rosa Novias

It's a new year and I know wedding bells are in the air for some of us, prom, dinner dates (valentines day is coming o), or just any formal wear occasion is in line for many of you. I am sure you all want to look radiant & breathtaking in any or all of this occasions that is why, today I will be bringing you an exciting collaboration with Rosa Novias. Being that I am obsessed with Australian clothing/fashion I was excited when this company reached out to me.

Rosa Novias offers beautiful, affordable, unique budget friendly dresses, and most are well under $300. They offer all forms of dresses ranging from wedding, mother-of-the-bride, evening, formal, and cocktail dresses.


Hey babies! I wanted to do a quick outfit post of what I wore today. I have been feeling denim lately. So when I saw this denim pinafore I fell in love with it instantly and had to put it on the blog. I have noticed you guys enjoy my outfit posts so I will try to do these more. I will list all of the info on the outfit at the end of the post. Have a blessed day!

Beauty Tag : Would You Rather?

Hey guys I was tagged by the lovely blogger Rhenicia  to do the beauty tag. I had a lot of fun doing this tag. Enjoy!

 1. Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice makeup or nice hair and no makeup?  Definitely nice hair and no makeup. If your hair aint fleeky, you are not the business. Once your hair is done you already look on fleek, makeup is just the icing on the cake.

2. Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out? This is an easy one I would rather have my lashes fall out because I can easily pop on some false lashes and bam im popping, but with no eyebrows, I mean you're helpless.