I decided to create this page because, seeing as I am model I wanted to share on my blog some of my work as a model, as well as share with you guys some of the dope photographers I have/will work with as I go along this journey. I hope you guys like it. At the end of the post, all of the photographers info are listed incase any of you would like to get a hold of them for your photographs.

1. My first shoot ever with Jason Fitzgerald, believe it or not I had no idea what I was doing.

2. Shoot with Andrea Simon, I got a little bit more comfortable with this shoot.

3. Shoot with Allie Norado, This one was done along with my friend and fellow model, Ashley Moren.

4. Shoot with Lyndon Maristela, very different work for me and out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed it very much.

5. Shoot with Diabe Salè, probably my best shoot so far in my career.

Photographers info
1. Jason Fitzgerald -  IG Jasonfitzgeralphotography // Website jasonfitzgerald
2. Andrea Simon - IG andrea.r.simon // Website andreasimonphotography
3. Allie Norado - IG allienoradophotog // Website allienoradophotography
4. Lyndon Maristela - IG lyndon_maristela // Website lyndonmaristela.com
5. Diabè Sale - IG diabesale // Website ampdbyd