Episode 5: Martina Mapa

Hi my name is April Basi and today I will be interviewing Zimbabwe's one and only Martina Mapa. I met Martina while in community college, and she has always been a sweet heart, so it wasn't a hassle at all to get her to do this interview. O p.s in case you missed it, she’s not Nigerian so you know you want to read this interview. I personally had a great time doing it, and I learnt a lot from her. Now, sit tight grab a cup of tea and enjoy.
What is your name ? Martina or  Tina depending on our level of emmm comfort with each other.
How old are you? 22  
Where do you live ? Arlington, TX
What do you do for a living? Full time student
So, usually people ask what you like about being grown up, but lets be honest nobody likes being grown up, so I decided to change it up and say;
 What do you hate about being grown up? I would have to say, the hurt that relationships and friendships bring. When you are young and you fight with someone in kindergarten, tomorrow you will be friends again. Friendships and relationships as you grow older become very hard to let go and very painful to go through. They leave scars and bruises that really change us as humans but then again they teach us lessons that contribute to the person you become the next day. So I guess it is a bittersweet experience.
I totally feel you on that, longevity of friendships become much harder as we grow up.

 Favorite childhood memory? Please don’t laugh. So in Zimbabwe I grew up in the city and I remember one summer my parents sent me to the village for a few weeks to hang out with my aunt. Oh dear I had the time of my life experiencing what my cousins would spend their days doing. I was too excited to go fetch water in the well, fetch firewood in the mountains and I even enjoyed the bathing in the river experience.
Haha…. You were a village girl at heart
Favorite food? I’m a sadza kinda girl…In Kenya it’s called Ugali, in South Africa its Pap, and in Malawi it’s Nsima.
I think its the same as fufu in Nigeria
When did you move to the United States? I moved from Zimbabwe in 2001 to live in Dublin, Ireland. I lived there for 8 years and moved to the US in 2009…. talk about living in a random country.
Do you miss Zimbabwe? And what do you think of your country right now? Getting better? I last visited Zimbabwe in 2009 before I moved to the US and the experience was amazing. I miss the life I never got to live as a teenager in Zim and to be honest I feel that from what my country had become to what it is today; it has improved a whole lot. As people speak up and the leaders move towards common ground and hopefully different leadership in the near future I have no doubt my country will continue to succeed and become a better Zimbabwe. Our country has so much potential and as people continue to embrace our culture and tap into the resources in our country we surely improve as an African country.
Where did/do you go to school? I went to primary school in Zimbabwe and went to high school at an all girls’ Catholic school in Dublin (funny enough we even had nuns teaching at the primary school there). I currently go the University of Texas at Arlington.
O wow! Nuns as teachers? That sounds intense.
What is your major in school? I am a senior graduating in May 2015 with a BS in Exercise Science
What is your dream career/job? I know you are probably thinking I want to be a personal trainer or something but mmhh not quiet…I am on my way to Physical Therapy school starting May 2015 by the grace of God.
Why did you choose it ? Besides the fact that my mum wanted me to go into nursing…I really had a passion for the human body in a more depth manner; bone health and injuries that pertain to bones. This side of health has revealed to me the other side of physical health. I wanted to help people get back to their full maximum potential after an injury and help them maintain their bone health as well.
How do you plan to impact the world especially Zimbabwe with your Career of choice in the future? Some say I may be a bit of an over achiever but I plan to open up a Physical Therapy practice here in the US or wherever I end up settling and most importantly open a practice in Zimbabwe to give back to my community and educate my people on the importance of bone health as well as provide rehab for injuries.
Are you in support of African parents that pretty much dictate that their children do nursing or pharmacy or medicine in the United States, so they can have a stable job/pay; on the stance that nobody will hire a foreigner with an “accent” to play in their movies?  I don’t agree with anyone being pressured to do something because it will bring a stable income or any other reason. The way I look at it is that a job is a job but a career is one that you love, a field that you have a passion for, something that you will work hard and succeed in regardless of what it is. Being able to wake up every morning excited to go work and feel fulfilled is all that’s important. Some careers might not bring home as much money as our African parents would like but I think what’s important is your child’s happiness and purpose in life. Besides, as humans we succeed more in the things that we are passionate about so believe me once you pursue what you really love to do and what you are good at…you will succeed.
 What would you say growing up in Zimbabwe was like for you would you bring up your kids the same way? I lived in Zimbabwe until I was 10 years old. The atmosphere and sense of community in Zimbabwe is what I loved the most. I don’t know how I feel about raising my kids there because I honestly believe that the move my parents made to the diaspora without maids and private schools has molded me into the self-motivated, independent woman that I am today. Would I be the same if I had grown up in Zimbabwe till I was 18? I don’t know to be honest. I believe all the places I have been raised in have contributed to who I am today and I will surely pick and choose some things here and there from all the different cultures I have been raised in to raise my own children.
So, lets get a little personal, do worry don’t get nervous..lol, we will start of slow then it will get hotter….oya ready! Go!!
 Any gf/iyawo (wife) or bf/hubby in your life? (no lies…. no denials ) Nope not even…so guys hit me up lol just kidding
Hey! Nothing wrong with it put it out there.
If not tell us your dream woman/man? WOW this one is a tough one for me because I thought I had the perfect list at one point, and thought I had found the man with the qualities on my list…..and yet I’m still single so I have come to the conclusion that what I think I may want or need in a man is not going to be the same as what God knows I need in a man….But to answer your question I know my dream man needs to be a God fearing man, who not only respects God but respects me as a woman of God and the choices that I make just as I will do the same.
Yes, you can never go wrong with a God fearing man.
The other day my friends and I were talking about how men these days don’t do the chasing. Females now will do anything to find a hubby.
 What do you think? Do you think its okay for us women to chase men because society is changing or that’s not acceptable and chivalry should still prevail? I love this question. I am a modernized African woman but I still believe that women should not be chasing men AS MUCH as they are today. What you call chasing to others may be seen as “too needy”. I just believe that when a man is pursuing you don’t just sit back and let the poor man jump hurdles for you without showing any kind of interest. Text or call first once in a while ladies so that he knows that the woman he is doing cartwheels for is at-least noticing the effort he is putting in (that is if you are interested in what he has to offer).
I absolutely love your answer on this question. And I agree with you 100%. It should be both ways not one-sided.
Finally, I’m sure the readers will want to know about your style so please…
Describe your personal style. MHHHHHHH I don’t know if there’s a name to my style. I honestly dress very European at times, but then again I kinda grew up there but I love color, class and sophistication unless I’m having one of those jeans & t-shirt kinda days, like in one of my photos. Those Emanitees designs by my girl Simbi  bring me life lol Like seriously who ever said that t-shirt and jeans can’t be cute?

Who is your favorite designer and why ? I won’t lie but I’m so excited and in love with this whole Ankara era that we have entered. And needless to say I am in love with Nonoskouture and their designs I’m all about supporting my power women out there besides that she really has an eye for fashion and knows how to give you looks that suit you and your body type….Check me out of Facebook in the next couple of weeks because I’ll be releasing the new addition to my closet from these guys.  
If you could be a celebrity man/woman who would it be and why ? mhhh April these questions are hard lol ok If I could be a celebrity woman I would be Chimamanda Adichie (I know she surely is a Naija woman). Her books are amazing please try to read one. My first one ever was Purple Hibiscus and I loved it. But I just really admire her courage, confidence, success and intelligence as young African woman. She is just so inspiring.
I read purple hibiscus while I was in high school. It is truly an amazing read. I remember I couldn't put it down. 
Any real life crushes in real life, if not celebs ? Right now, I don’t think I have much of a big crush but celeb??ooh Morris Chestnut is my person…lol
I know people usually say don’t mix business with pleasure, but if you this really hott guy that just got hired at your job is just so into you and meets everything you want in a man, would you give him a chance? Even though you’ve heard he’s a player? I don’t like “he said, she said” type stuff so yes I would get to know the guy and give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m one of those people that believe that everyone deserves a fair chance. Only you can make me lose my trust in you.
What can you not live without? My siblings & best friend
Can you please describe a typical day in your work life? It’s busy; my day is basically study, work, study more, sleep, talk to my best friend in California and back to more study. Trying to get to PT school is no joke I tell you. 
What advice do you have for young people looking to get into the same field?
Work hard; that transcript needs to stay clean, be involved on campus or in the community; build a resume of volunteer work, make connection with Deans, Presidents, the whole 9 yards…Those are the people that will write you amazing letter of recommendations and be your advocates till you make it.
One thing you would change about yourself if you could. If you had asked me this question a year ago I would have given you a list but I really feel that I’m at that point in my life were I am accepting the ME that God has made me into today and I trust that I will be happy with the ME that God will continue to refine me into in the next couple of years. I guess it’s safe to say I’m pretty content. J

 I hope you my readers enjoyed this interview because I did.
Thank you so much for giving me your time today Martina I really appreciate it. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from you. Your answers where very spot on and knowledgeable, thank you for that. I tried to keep this interview as short as possible so it wouldn’t take too much of your time. Please keep us updated in the near future incase of any changes, especially on the wifey/hubby part J
Thank you for having me, I'll make sure to keep you posted.

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