Tumblr style inspiration 3

Guinea's - Natasha Ndlovu.. I absolutely love her style and was so stoked she commented on my last interview on Basi Bants. Fingers crossed I can get her to do an interview on my blog.

Anyway, y'all  already know I love tumblr, thats where I get most of my outfit ideas. These are some of the styles that I am loving this week so far on it. I love individuality when it comes to fashion. I believe fashion is  a way to express yourself without speaking. And these outfits definitely do it for me. Do y'all like ?

Do all men really cheat ?

First of all I just hope we don't end up like the ladies in the second picture in the comments section. We are all entitled to our own opinions biko! This topic has been something that has been brought up quite a lot in numerous discussions I have had, and I don't know why I am just now addressing it on my blog. Although I feel this is a very subjective topic. I'd still like to know what you guys think. 

Personally, I do feel that all men cheat. Please don't come for me me, let me explain. Your man may love you more than anything in the world but that doesn't stop him from thinking other women besides you are attractive. Now it also depends on what cheating means to you. To me cheating is when a guy becomes romantically involved with another woman that is not his significant other. Yes, even thinking about another woman is considered cheating to me.

At some point in your relationship, I do feel like your man will cross the line, intentionally or not. He will start to feel something for another woman. Now! depending on how strong the hold of this Jezebel is, he may even go as far as sleeping with her. Lets face it women these days are for some odd reason more attracted to guys that are in some sort of relationship. As in it's like when they see a ring on a man's finger their thirst level goes up by 1000%, and these men can't help it. Even if they can, that eggplant between their legs won't let them.

If this has happened to you or happens to you in the future. I do feel like you should be able to forgive your man (of course depending on how far he has gone with this Delilah) if you really love him. I have in the past broken up my relationship because of this reason, but looking back now that I am older, I do feel like maybe I should have tried to work things out if I truly loved the person. 

Oya over to you guys...what do ya'll think? Do you think all men cheat? Or are you one of those girls that think "if my man truly loves me he won't cheat on me". Will you forgive him if he goes out of line or will you chuck the deuces up? 

Comment below I'd love to know your thoughts.

Interior designs I'm loving on the internet

Some of you guys may not know but I love interior design. It blows my mind how someone can put so many colors that wouldn't normally go together, together and it looks so good. These pictures I mostly got off of tumblr. I am all for simple yet sophisticated when it comes to interior design so I can say I would love my future home to look this way.

Kylie Jenner inspired traditional/ankara outfit + Chicago Wedding

My people my people. I know I am always apologizing to you guys, but I feel like I have to every time I take a "break" from this blog. Going forward I promise to upload at least two posts a week. Am I forgiven now ? lol

I'm sure you're wondering well why did you take a break then? Ok I will explain...last week my very good friend from pharmacy school said "I do" to her boo thang, in Chicago, and I was in the wedding. And if you're Nigerian you know what it means to be in an african wedding. You will be the waitress/housegeh/money picker/bridesmaid all in one..lol. What I am trying to say is it was so busy there was no time to do anything else. It was such a beautiful event, just pure love everywhere..ego di nma o... me too I must marry. 

Moving on to my outfit I posted this picture of my outfit on my Instagram (follow me) from the traditional wedding, and a lot of people really liked my outfit. I was actually inspired by the outfit that Kylie Jenner wore to the launch of their new Madden Girl collection event last year. I chose to sew pants instead of shorts because it was a wedding and I didn't want all those "african aunties" giving me the "look at that ashawo, that's why she's not married" look at the wedding..lol. For my shoes I already had similar shoes to her. I got mine last year from GoJane, I must warn, they are not the most comfortable but they are so flattering on the feet.

I hope you guys like, if you are interested in sewing an outfit feel free to contact me and I will give you my tailors details. Until then, have a lovely friday lovers, stay turnt up!! #yolo

O if you would like to see pictures from the wedding you can go on my facebook page (here) to see them. I made the album public.

Episode 8: Upcoming Artist... Bethel Francis

Hello! My name is April Basi, amd today I put upcoming artist Bethel Francis in my interview hot seat. I met Bethel in high school and I am so pround of how far he has come with his music. Today he covers details on how he fell in love with the art of music, what motivates him to keep going and who inspires him in the industry. Y’all will love this one. So as always, sit tight grab a glass of wine and enjoy!

What is your name?
Bethel Francis.

How old are you?
I turned 23 in February.

Are you in school, If yes, (What school do you go to?)
Not at the moment, I'm done with my Undergraduate studies (Bsc Geology). I'm hoping to get into business school.

What do you do for a living?
I'm an Entrepreneur.
What is your dream career/ job?
My dream is to be the best Recording Artist, Songwriter out there.

You are definitely on your way there.

Tell us something no one really knows about you. (ie embarassing moments, favorite food, silly obsessions)
I have a thing for girls with beautiful voices.

Hahaa!! no surprises there.

Now that we have gotten these personal questions out the way, my blog readers and I would like to know more about your music.



Yass!!! no one kills monotone like she does. Done very tastefully. Love all the shades of red. Perfect bag to go with the outfit. On fleek!! Go Solo..


I personally like the person she is becoming. Call her "Kanye's personal project, call her whatever you like. But I think that since getting with Kanye she has started to go outside her comfort zone more and I love it. You should be with someone who makes you explore things you haven't done before. What do y'all think ? Ditch the blonde and go back to her staple black hair ? or keep the blonde?
 I think I will need to see more photos of this though to decide.


Me I will o....lol... My ladies would you get upset with your bae if he all of a sudden started following your ex-bestie on social media? Likes all her photos and even makes her his WCW. When you confront him about it, he tells you that they were friends even before y'all got together. Or in another scenario maybe you introduced him to her before you stopped being friends.

As for me all hell will let lose..lol. But seriously if I am not friends with a beyatchh anymore I expect my man to do the same. We are a team whether you like it or not. If I decide to cut a b off (K-Camp voice) I expect you to do the same. Plus it's even suspicious that y'all are still friends and I can't put a tag to the level of your friendship since we don't talk anymore.

What do y'all think my ladies, will this be okay with you? Even when your man swears that there is nothing to the friendship.


My people! I hope y'all are having a good week so far. I woke up this morning and went to class thinking ..."yay!! spring is here" just for this yeye snow to come upon us again this evening :( Well I hope everyone is staying warm, and if you are somewhere warm i'm so jelly! 

Yesterday I was feeling very purpuly so I decided to do a makeup look using mostly the purples in my Naked 2 pallete and BH cosmetics smokey eye pallete. And I really love the way it turned out.