Beyonce's New Mystery Album "Lemonade" + Link to the whole album

As you probably know by now Beyonce just released her long awaited 6th album Lemonade, and everywhere is buzzing about it. I still can't believe it's been 3 years since her last album, so I was so ready for this new album.

Lemonade which is only exculsively available on Tidal  is " a conceptual based project based on every woman's journey on knowledge and healing' according to the reps at Tidal.

For the past couple of weeks Bey has been teasing us with this picture on her instagram, arousing interests as to what the picture was about

Fans said #1 she was pregnant (including me), and the childs name was going to be Lemon, and #2 she was producing exclusive lemonade drinks only available on Only for her to release another surprise solo album like she did back in Love this woman!

The video uses a lot of visuals, unpoken words, fashion and a lot of lyrics about girl power and infidelity (Hmmm Jay Z what are you doing ?). She also takes a shift from her usual content to talk about feminism,  marrital issues, and her miscarriage before having her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Bey also shares intimate pregnancy pictures about her pregnancy with her daughter, which I honestly feel like she is trying too hard to make us believe she carried that baby...

She also shared images of mothers of our lost innocent black men (Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, etc) holding up their sons pictures.

Beyonce also had special guest experiences  Zendaya, Jack White, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, etc and high profile collaborators like Serena Williams and Jay Z.

I know by now you are problem thinking I have seen the album, with the way I am reporting, but nope not yet. However, I think my 30 day free trial for Tidal starts now because I just gorra see this

Have you guys seen the album yet ? What do think ? If not are you gonna get Tidal to purchase this album or nah ? Where #beyhive at ?

I just found the album, so go to my facebook page here to watch the whole album. I found it just for you guys.

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