Calling a model a 'plus size' model is rude ?

Speaking of models, while models like Maria Borges is out here making waves, plus size models are taking the piss. According to a research done with by the Huffington Post, plus size models are tired of being referred to as 'plus size models' and would like to be referred to as just 'models'. They feel like the term is rude & derogatory and should be dropped.
Find out what plus size model sorry model Ashley Graham, designer Isaac Mizrahi and others have to say on the issue.

Famous plus size model Ashley Graham who appeared on the Sports illustrated swim suit issue for 2016 has also joined in this rally.

She says "At the end of the day, I am a  model, and I  happen to be curvy" She also says she considers herself a model and nothing else.

Designer Isaac Mizrahi says " I don't like segregation, I like Incorporation"

Evans who is a UK retailer says "why should the category be different from petite?"

Hayley Hasselhuff who is a UK plus size model says "calling it plus size doesn't do it justice". " At the end of the day it just means curvy"

Please what do you guys think of this issue ? Do you think this term is rude and disrespectful and should be dropped or do you think they are biting the hands that fed them? Please drop your comments below.

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  1. I think they're biting the hands who feed them. I'm sorry but I don't think these models are curvy, I think they are overweight and that it is not healthy to be that way and to promote being overweight as body type. I do think they are beautiful but I don't think it's healthy.

    1. I don't mind that they want to be called something different, however I don't think generally use the term 'plus-size' in a condescending way. If anything I think that it is a way for a designer to know what to expect before meeting with a model who they haven't met yet. Most people when they talk about models still think about the conventional skinny model, so the terms plus-size, fit-model, commercial- model helps the designer or general public to be aware of what to expect.

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