Coachella Fashion Recap 2016

If you have been following my tweets, its on the right hand corner of my page just hit follow :-) I have decided to start to share a lot more content on my page mostly fashion related stuff, and just touching base with the lifestyle aspect of my blog which I feel like is slowly dwindling away. I will post a lot on fashion related material, because I want you guys to get a feel of the kind of things I am into and on the long run be your go to blog for all your current fashion trends, both home (naija) and internationally really.  

With that being said, Coachella 2016 which took place in Indio, California just wrapped up. I was in love with all the street style, nobody came to play, literally. Without further a do, I will start with some of my faves and then other outfits I just really liked. 

 Jasmine Tookes

I love how she kept it very minimal but still in the groove of things. She was glowing  and looked super stunning in all her outfits.

 Kylie Jenner

Kylie and her hair came to slay. I didn't care much for her outfits but I love how she keeps her hair very playful and looks really good in any hair color. With the rainbow hair, I feel like she couldn't take it anymore she just had to pull out every hair color her hair colorist had and just dipped her whole head in she seems like the type.

Chanel Iman

The second outfit was my personal fave, I absolutely loved it. The pants mostly. I need a pair like that in my life.

The Song Sisters

Y'all already know I Love love love Aimee Song, she's literally my mom. She takes minimalistic to a whole other level and kills it. Again, I need that colorful top for spring.

Katy Perry

Katy the queen of color and fun. I love the print on her dress, the slippers and the hair buns, sooo cute.

Other outfits I liked

That's it. Did anyone else keep up with Coachella? I hope to go one day, it seems like tons of fun. Let me know which outfit was your fave even if it's not part of the post...


I wonder what Leo was whispering into Rihanna and her beautiful sunglasses ear. These two just need to get together and quit playing

Thank you so much for reading....♥ AB!

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