Hey guys I wanted to make this post before I got carried away with my activities of today..haha. This was an impromptu photoshoot I did in front of our beach home in Destin. The views were absolutely insane and this photos do it no justice whatsoever. I could have gotten more shots in but it started to rain so I couldn't take any more photos :-( I hope you guys like the few I managed to get in.

My dress is by Design Lab, a brand I love, but was purchased at Saks 5th Avenue. I love the neckline and how it shows off my chest area. It's also super long and flowy which is rare for a girl as tall as

Side-note this shoot was done at about 6am in the morning hence why I have no makeup on.

I hope you guys like, please leave your sweet comments below. It will be appreciated. Lots of love and kisses...♥ AB! 

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