Clearly I am having a good day today cuz I am having so much fun blogging today. Anyway my ladies and gents this one is for you, I know you guys will like this one. Today I was watching The Real. Idk if any of you watch that show but I like it a lot and this topic was up for discussion. When is the right time to wait to tell a guy that's interested in you that you plan to keep your virginity/ celibacy till marriage. Several options were raised but that ones that stood out to me where

a) Wait till you get to know the guy and see if he's really into you and maybe if you like him to tell him your rules.
b) Tell him right off the bat so he knows what he's into before feelings get caught up, and someone gets hurts.
c) Finally, will you wait till you're in that position in the picture above to finally say "Bae I ain't ready for this" lol (hopefully he doesn't kick you out)

Personally I will go for the second (2nd) option because I do not want to have to waste my time with anyone that will get mad when I drop the bomb on him. I feel like the guy has the right to know. Tamar Braxton made a point where she was like, "it really isn't the guys business to know when he just met you". But I will say in this day and age when most guys literally just wanna take you to their bed and skip going on dates, its only right to let them know, so that they know what they're getting themselves into. I think a lot of ladies like to wait before they tell the guy because they are afraid they might not find someone else, but to me that is not the case. If a guy genuinely is into you (I'm hoping you guys would have established a lil friendship first), he should be willing to wait for that pumpum (Charlemagne voice)

Comment below what do you think, what option would you go for ?? 

You don't have to be a virgin, even if you are celibate you're welcome to leave your opinions too. Also if you don't want to wait to till marriage but give it up to someone that you both have strong feelings for each other, go ahead an join in the fun. Nobody is left out, girls and guys are welcome to comment. Now start talking can't wait to see what y'all think....


  1. Hey! Amazing blog post and very inspiring blog! Keep up the great work, I'm a fan! :)

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    1. Thank you beautiful. I'm glad it inspired you. Will check out your blog ...x

  2. Love this blog post! In the church I go to they are doing a series about this, I would probably go for option A xxx

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    1. That sounds like it'll be really interesting. I like option A but I what if the guy isn't okay with your rule then you guys already have feelings for each other, it'll be so much harder then.
      Ok I'll check out your blog, thanks for checking mine out

    2. It really is :) True, But I think if there's feelings he may be more willing to accept it but it could either way. Thanks, no problem I really like your blog xxx

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