Ndi Nke'm! (My people) so I wanted to introduce you guys to my style crush. I found Aimee via instagram on just one of them days that I had nothing to do, and since then I have just been stalking this girl like no tomorrow. I'm sure some of you guys know her if not from her IG where she has close to 2 million people following her, then most likely from her blog Song of Style.  She is an LA based fashion blogger but what makes her so inspirational is to think that she actually started her blog as an interior design blog, only for people to appreciate her outfits posts more, so she pursed it, and its crazy to see how far she's come. 

I've watched a couple of her interviews on youtube (like this one here), and I recently started following her on snapchat and she seems like such a sweet and humble person. Which just increases my crush on her by a no she seriously has such a soothing voice. 

She knows how to switch it up from cute girly girl, to edgy chick, to chic casual and she does it all so effortlessly. Talk about girls that hurt your self

Her shoes are the illest!!!

As I mentioned earlier she is also into Interior design, which is what she studied in college, and does full time. These are pictures I got of the internet of her LA apartment. O she's also a Dj incase you're wondering about the Dj 

She seriously has the coolest closet ever, I could live in it. Watch this video of her here where she gives a tour of her home and you will see what I am saying. 

To wrap this up I hope you guys check her out and hopefully, find her as fascinating and as inspirational as I did. And if you do, let me know what you think of her and her style. 

She inspires me to chase whatever makes me happy and be the best at it. I definitely want to be like her when I grow

Thanks for stopping by...xx