Chifyy (thats my nickname btw) is here again with another makeup look. On this one I played with a lot of silver and black. And I thought red lipstick would be perfect to finish it off. It kinda gives me Christams vibes.... too bad christmas is over:(

I'm sure you're wondering what the hell is she doing in that last picture...lol this was my reaction to the Amber vs Khloe Kardashian meltdown yesterday on social media. It got too real so I had to put my glasses on. lol Seriuosly I was staring at my phone like this for over an hour, these celebrities are a mess...

Did y'all know about the fight ?? If so, whose team where y'all on ...team Amber or team Khloe?? I personally am on team Amber, she's too real (even though Khloe my girl though).....she didn't come for the KKK family but Khloe thought she could face my milf, and her ass got handed to her ...lol. What do y'all think is it okay for Kylie Jenner to be dating a 25 year old man, who has a baby ? 

Anyway, as usual all the products used for this look will be listed by latest tomorrow. But I will tell you the lippy is RiRi woo with currant lipliner. What do y'all think about this one, ipass or ifail?? 

O btw before I forget, starting Monday I am going to try to work on a schedule where I do make up looks on mondays. So it'll be #makeupmondays... 

Finally, guess what?? Basi Basi returns this weekend, I know it seems like I abandoned that section of my blog but no, Its just a lot has prevented me from doing those interviews, you know listening to peoples opinions I shouldn't be listening to, and doubting myself ....anyway all that is done with so fear no more Basi Bants will soon be here....haha ...I'm so corny!