Episode 1 - Guchi

Hi my name is April Basi and today I will be interviewing Chiamaka Uzor.  I’ve known Guchi, since our high school days in Nigeria. She is one of the few people I know that knows and appreciates who she is and isn’t afraid to be herself, which is one of the main reasons I knew she would be a great fit to have the first interview on my blog.
So sit tight grab a cup of tea and enjoy.
What is your name? Chiamaka aka Guchi
How old are you? 21 years old
Where do you live? Currently, Providence, RI
What do you do for a living? I’m a student right now
Favorite childhood memory? About when I was 6 or 7 on Swissair, an air hostess randomly invited me and my brother to go up to the cockpit and meet the pilot, it was very exciting…. 

So, usually people ask what you like about being grown up, but lets be honest nobody likes being grown up, so I decided to change it up and say……..
 What do you hate about being grown up? I just hate having to do grown up things especially the responsibilities it comes with
When did you move to the United States? July 2009
Do you miss Naija? And what do you think of our country right now? Getting better? or nah Yesso I do miss Naija but I don’t know, I feel like the media portrays so many different things to you about the state of  it; but unless  you are living there I don't think you will have any kind of real opinion on it.
Where did/do you go to school and what was your major? I got my undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and right now I’m going to Brown University for my masters in public policy.
What is your dream career/job? I’m on a high on management consulting or any kind of consulting honestly, like anything non profit, business, or anything, that’ll make me want to wake me wake up in the morning and be passionate about life, love and giving back.
Why did you choose it? I don’t think anyone really chooses what he or she want to do, it should just feel right.
How do you plan to impact the world especially Naija with your Career of choice in the future? *bursts out laughing * I honestly haven’t thought about what I will do to impact my life to talk about impacting Naija and the world but I definitely want my voice to be heard in order to make a difference as cliche as that sounds.
Are you in support of African parents that pretty much dictate that their children do nursing or pharmacy or medicine in the United States, so they can have a stable job? I do not support it, and yes I do feel as a parent it is their responsibility to guide you down the path of life but that line gets blurred and they make mistakes. But I definitely do not support it.
 What would you say growing up in Naija was like for you would you bring up your kids the same way?  I enjoyed growing up in Nigeria and can't imagine growing up anywhere else. There were the good and bad parts, which is normal, but the values and morals I learnt not just from my parents beating..haha but also from the people around me, I will never forget because it has made me the strong woman I am today. Finally, I appreciate that I was brought up with both parents; a lot of kids don’t get to experience that.
So, lets get a little personal, don't worry don’t get nervous….lol, we will start of slow then it will get hotter….oya ready! Go!!
 Any gf/iyawo (wife) or bf/hubby in your life? (no lies…. no denials ) Again burts outs laughing …I don’t have any bf/hubby o
If not tell us your dream woman/man?  hmmm I know at 22 a lot of people are in love or married but I’m not. And I feel like the idea of love, I’m not ready for it. I’m a firm believer in let life happen, what will happen will happen. I ultimately want a good man that would be my dream man. 
What do your views on premarital sex? (i.e. do you believe in sampling the goods) ? I’m a believer/ follower of Jesus Christ so based on that fact I don’t support premarital sex; now that’s just the foundation of my belief. But personally I think that sex is a big deal, even in marriage, and should be taken as such; so understanding the importance of it is very crucial. If more people understood the importance of it, it would not be as acceptable as it is, not because I’m a believer or anything, but because sex is not just something you don’t want to play with.
The other day my friends and I were talking about how men these days don’t do the chasing, (even naija men o). Females these days will do anything to find hubby just to post picture of “bae” on instagram
What do you think? Do you think its okay for us women to chase men because society is changing or that’s not acceptable and chivalry should still prevail? Honestly my opinion on this is if as a girl, you feel compelled to express yourself have fun with that it has worked out for some people. But personally because of whom I am and my personality I will not chase a man. Now, do I bash/judge girls that do, or girls that throw themselves at men? Yes, Do I judge men that throw themselves at women? Yes. And no I do not consider myself a feminist.
But to be very honest with ourselves as women, we have chosen the men that we want to chase us when we meet them. Because truth of the matter is we do not give some men the opportunity to chase us, and at that point we are choosing/ chasing.
Finally, I’m sure the readers will want to know about your style so please…
Describe your personal style: I feel that my style has evolved, two years ago I didn’t care about fashion or anything, I just bought anything that was cheap; however as I’m growing up, I’m becoming more into it. But I love to be comfortable; it’s the most important to me. I think that people that are simple, laid back and chill are the prettiest in my eyes, and my dressing reflects that. I definitely own more flats and sneakers than I do heels. I think I own about 4 heels. I attribute part of that because I grew up with my brother we are not far apart in age, so I was a tomboy for the longest time. But really, *giggles* … I like to be NAKED that’s my favorite way to be.

April Basi: Thank you so much for giving me your time today Chiamaka I really appreciate it. I tried to keep this interview as short as possible so it wouldn’t take too much of your time. Please keep us updated in the near future incase of any changes, especially on the wifey/hubby part J

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