20+ facts about me

1. Tattoos are beautiful to me and I secretly plan on getting one, w/o telling my mother of course.
2. I love kind people with a big heart.
3. I have a weird sense of humor, I don’t laugh at a lot of jokes but when something makes me laugh it’s from my soul and I cant stop.
4. The first thing I notice and remember about a person is their head shape; therefore my love for head shapes is real. 
5. Buy me something gold, purple, white or red and we can be best friends. If you cant already tell those are my favorite colors.
6.I don’t necessarily have a favorite food. But if something doesn’t look good best believe I will not be eating it.

7. hmm…me and names only God will help me. I can never remember anyone’s name for the life of me. I will remember your face o but your name…mba!
8. Travelling is something I will be doing a lot of when I’m older. I love discovering places and learning about new cultures.
9. I am lying to you if I told you I know why I chose to go to pharmacy school. I honestly can’t answer that. Sad but true.
10. If you know me you know that I have trouble saying anything that has ‘r’ in it. And I wish another language other than English Language were the universal language.
11. I am naturally a shy person but I will be confident if I have to get sh*t done.
12. I get tired of things/ people easily.  Hence I am committing my future marriage into Gods hands.
13. I think I have the sexuality of a fish. Lol whatever that means.
14. I believe that our thoughts/words are very powerful. And we must be careful of what we feed our souls.
15. I am generally a very happy person, you rarely catch me in a bad mood, well except when ‘yawa don gas’.
16. True believer in Karma.
17. Sometimes I question the whole point of life sometimes. I don’t want to get into it but I just wonder why we work so hard just to die. Speaking of death it doesn’t faze me anymore. I have lost way too many people I love to care.
18. Fashionable people have my heart.
19. I see myself owning my own clothing line ‘April Basi’ in the near future.
20. Currently on the road to self-discovery.
21. I'm 5'9
22. I love youtube, prefer it to watching movies any day.
23. My dad was one of the most hardworking people I knew, and I like to think I am a lot like him.
24. I have loved someone but never been in love.
25. True Aries.

26. Finally… I love photography and blogging, which is why you are on my site right now. And I love you for taking time out of your day to visit my blog….xx


  1. Totally to no 16 and 18. Funny enough I've always admired tattoos and piercings.

  2. 7,8 and 10 is totally me. Awesome blog. Leeznijis.blogspot.com