Camels x Stripes

Hey loves I haven't had much activity on here for a while but since I was in Boston this Sunday for a friends BBQ I decided to do a quick outfit post before I got too busy to post it. I hope you have all been well. I can't wait till school is over so I can start posting here frequently again. 

Let  me know what you think of this simple outfit I put together. O p.s I don't know what it is about stripes but thats all I reach for these days, I think it's because it just gives you that effortless and put together look....which is so

 I thought I should share this quote that has been getting me through this past couple of weeks... When you start having doubts about the path you are on just "trust the path you are on" because there is a reason you are there. It was not by chance!! Love you guys...x

See more pics as well as outfit details below....

Outfit Deets

Hat - XXI
Romper - Charlotte Russe
Sandals- Loft
Bag- XXI
Sweater - Atmosphere
Watch- Marc Jacobs
Bracelet - JCrew
Sunglasses- Loft
Hat&Necklace - XXI

If you like a blog that shares positivity and inspiration, you should check out 'alittlebitoflacquer'...I literally stalk her blog. She's just awesome.

Let me know if you want direct links to where I got these items and I will try to provide them but frankly, I got most of them at the store. Have a lovely week....AB!


  1. Long legssss!!!!
    Love the look...looks comfy and free

  2. I see a pretty Model .. cute

  3. Beautiful legs! Your romper inspires my next shoot. :-)

    1. Thanks Nne and yay!! do it...i'll love to see it.

  4. Such pretty photos, you look great x