Kylie Jenner inspired traditional/ankara outfit + Chicago Wedding

My people my people. I know I am always apologizing to you guys, but I feel like I have to every time I take a "break" from this blog. Going forward I promise to upload at least two posts a week. Am I forgiven now ? lol

I'm sure you're wondering well why did you take a break then? Ok I will explain...last week my very good friend from pharmacy school said "I do" to her boo thang, in Chicago, and I was in the wedding. And if you're Nigerian you know what it means to be in an african wedding. You will be the waitress/housegeh/money picker/bridesmaid all in What I am trying to say is it was so busy there was no time to do anything else. It was such a beautiful event, just pure love everywhere..ego di nma o... me too I must marry. 

Moving on to my outfit I posted this picture of my outfit on my Instagram (follow me) from the traditional wedding, and a lot of people really liked my outfit. I was actually inspired by the outfit that Kylie Jenner wore to the launch of their new Madden Girl collection event last year. I chose to sew pants instead of shorts because it was a wedding and I didn't want all those "african aunties" giving me the "look at that ashawo, that's why she's not married" look at the For my shoes I already had similar shoes to her. I got mine last year from GoJane, I must warn, they are not the most comfortable but they are so flattering on the feet.

I hope you guys like, if you are interested in sewing an outfit feel free to contact me and I will give you my tailors details. Until then, have a lovely friday lovers, stay turnt up!! #yolo

O if you would like to see pictures from the wedding you can go on my facebook page (here) to see them. I made the album public.