Do all men really cheat ?

First of all I just hope we don't end up like the ladies in the second picture in the comments section. We are all entitled to our own opinions biko! This topic has been something that has been brought up quite a lot in numerous discussions I have had, and I don't know why I am just now addressing it on my blog. Although I feel this is a very subjective topic. I'd still like to know what you guys think. 

Personally, I do feel that all men cheat. Please don't come for me me, let me explain. Your man may love you more than anything in the world but that doesn't stop him from thinking other women besides you are attractive. Now it also depends on what cheating means to you. To me cheating is when a guy becomes romantically involved with another woman that is not his significant other. Yes, even thinking about another woman is considered cheating to me.

At some point in your relationship, I do feel like your man will cross the line, intentionally or not. He will start to feel something for another woman. Now! depending on how strong the hold of this Jezebel is, he may even go as far as sleeping with her. Lets face it women these days are for some odd reason more attracted to guys that are in some sort of relationship. As in it's like when they see a ring on a man's finger their thirst level goes up by 1000%, and these men can't help it. Even if they can, that eggplant between their legs won't let them.

If this has happened to you or happens to you in the future. I do feel like you should be able to forgive your man (of course depending on how far he has gone with this Delilah) if you really love him. I have in the past broken up my relationship because of this reason, but looking back now that I am older, I do feel like maybe I should have tried to work things out if I truly loved the person. 

Oya over to you guys...what do ya'll think? Do you think all men cheat? Or are you one of those girls that think "if my man truly loves me he won't cheat on me". Will you forgive him if he goes out of line or will you chuck the deuces up? 

Comment below I'd love to know your thoughts.