Ladies this one is for you. Yesterday, my really good friend, Guchi, and I were arguing yesterday about our idea of an ideal first date. We were torn between two options. 
1. The traditional dinner date?
2. An adventourous date?
I went for option 1 because I feel like it would help me get to know the person so much better than going on an adventurous date. For one, with my curious personality I never run out of questions to ask my date. I just feel like I need to know a person to a certain degree that I am comfortable with before doing something adventurous with them. For example I went on an adventorous (rock climbing) first date once, although I liked it, I didn't get me to know the person more. Instead we ended up talking about rock climbing the whole time.

However, Guchi disagreed with me and went for option 2. She felt that a traditional dinner date is really fake. Her main points were that, firstly, picking a dress for the date can be a hassle. Then when you finally find a dress to wear, choice of make up becomes a problem. Loud vs soft everyday makeup? Hmm...Ok then you're all set and you get to the restaurant. Now, if you're a village girl like me, you might not know how to pronounce some things on the menu..lol. When u finally attempt to, you might pronounce the name wrong. Mind you, your date is taking note of all these things. Then finally when your food gets there, you have to eat "like a lady", and at the same time carry out a conversation with your date so things don't awkward. At the end of the day you have spent the whole time being 'fake' and your date doesn't get to know the real you, compared to an adventurous date where you can't really pretend to be who you're not and your date gets to see your real emotions, and conversations don't have to be forced.

What are your thoughts? What would be your ideal first date? Option 1 or 2. Or any other first idea you may have. Please comment/share below, I can't wait to read your comments.xx