Aliexpress Peerless Peruvian Hair Review

 If you've been wondering what hair I wear and have been rocking for over a year, yes I said 1 year. I can't believe it myself. Check out my new Youtube video here to see all the amazingness that is this hair as well as some of the not so good experiences I've had. Last but not least, please  Subscribe and hit the like and bell button so you'll be notified everytime I post.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. It's been so cold in Dallas lately, and I'm so ready to leave for Mexico in a couple of days for my birthday on the 15th. Yay! to getting older. NOT.. haha

Thanks for visiting my blog, See you in the next post ♥ AB! 


  1. wow i can't believe you've had it in for over a year! looks nice. btw your bday is on the 15th? if so we share the same birthday. happy birthday!

    1. Aw yay Happy birthday girl!!! I hope you had a blasttt. I like you already

  2. Thanks for sharing your video.Love it!

  3. I love watching your video thanks for sharing it.

  4. Your videos are awesome! Keep sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing your video! Very nice to watch.