How to Find Your Everyday Fashion Inspiration

Everyone knows that clothes don’t make the man, but we can all agree that they tell a lot of him and his personal style. Coming up with different fashion combos on a daily basis is what all of us have to do, and it can get a bit tricky from time to time – primarily because of the lack of inspiration. Keep on reading and learn how to find your everyday fashion inspiration in four simple steps. Check them out and enjoy!

Don’t try to keep up with the latest fashion trends at all costs

Yes, we know that a lot of girls are giving their best to keep up with current fashion trends since they want to be perceived as trendy and in style, but you know what? This can be a huge mistake, especially if you aren’t that skillful when it comes to putting together a flawless clothing combo. All those trends can put you under a lot of pressure, and instead of inspiring you to be bold and unique, these are more likely to confuse you and make you feel frustrated.

So, make sure you don’t follow them blindly, but pick a couple of them that correspond to your personal style and incorporate them into your outfits by adding some interesting details in order to spice up your everyday looks.

Be aware of your body and know what looks best on you

 Dressing for your body shape is what you should always do, no matter your age or personal style, so you need to embrace your body in the first place. Once you learn to love it, with all its amazing curves and minor flaws, you should find specific pieces that will accentuate your body in the best possible way. For example, figure-flattering evening dresses will look fabulous on an hourglass figure, since they can emphasize the tiny waist even more. On the other hand, bootcut trousers and jeans are more than perfect for pear-shaped bodies, as they can balance out hips and thighs and make everything look more proportional. Let your body inspire you, and you’ll do a great job!

Find your signature item and stick to it

Finding your signature clothing item doesn’t mean that your fashion choices are boring and uncreative, but that you know what works for you and looks best on you. A lot of women, like Carolina Herrera herself, simply adore plain white shirts, as these can be styled in so many ways. They can be worn in dozens of different combos, from casual to glamorous ones, which is exactly why they are so popular among the ladies.
 Of course, you can pick a more unique garment, like a playsuit, which can be styled in lots of different ways depending on the occasion. This piece definitely isn’t something that many women can pull off on a daily basis, but if you’re one of those ladies who can, don’t be afraid and make it your signature piece. You can even be an everyday fashion inspiration for ladies around you!

Ask a brutally honest friend to come over and help you out

On the other hand, if you can’t make up your mind that easily, and you simply need a piece of fashion advice, the best thing to do is to ask your brutally honest friend to come over and help you out. She can go through your closet and help you put together a couple of outfits you can wear on a daily basis. She can also take photos of your combos so that you know which piece can be matched with which one, and that’ll reduce the risk of getting confused and messing up your outfit for an important event. You can always draw inspiration from those photos when your friend isn’t around, so be sure you keep them in a visible place.

As you can see, coming up with your everyday fashion combos don’t have to be as tricky and challenging as you probably thought. All you have to do is to stick to our tips so that you find your fashion inspiration whenever you get stuck in a style rut and nail your outfits like a true fashionista!

 Contributor: Amy Mia Goldsmith 

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  1. This is so important to understand that you cannot keep up with all fashion trends on the planet Earth. There are so many now. Even i am a stylist and fashion blogger just not able to keep up and don't want you if I am honest. Great article!

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right I believe if you are going to keep up with trends, find a way to make them your own and not copy everything you see on the internet. I believe a true fashionista is able to be inspired by trends but can flip it around and make it her own. Thanks so much for your comment, means a lot. You have such an inspiring blog.

  2. What a wonderful photos! And it's really interesting post!

  3. Love all these tips! Its all about finding and sticking to your true style!
    Maria Eugenia .

  4. Fashion trends can be fun, but people shouldn't feel pressured to keep up with all of them. I like to pick certain trends that I might already have in my closet or that I really like, but definitely don't do them all.

    Shann Eileen |

    1. Yes Shann! very well said. Trends should just be fun but should always be tailored to our authentic styles.

  5. Yep I agree with all of this! And dont keep up with costy trends haha

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