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Hey guys as many of you may know, if you follow me on social media and you should (IG here, Snapchat chifyy and Twitter here ), I recently took a trip to the big apple. I am planning a move to New York in a couple of months and I wasn’t too sure on the move yet but this trip definitely made me 100% certain NYC is where I need to be.  The people, the vibes, the sophisticated sense of fashion, and the lifestyle are right up my alley.  Anyway, packing is very essential for any trip, which to be honest is one of my least favorite parts of travel. Therefore, on this post I share a few tips and tricks below of how to make this process a little easier.

As far as not forgetting my bathroom essentials, which is what I find that most people forget, and I did for the longest time until I mastered the art.

Firstly, I always try to imagine myself getting ready in the morning, so,
For the shower, I pack my:
bath sponge
body wash (cuz I hate hotel body washes)
toothpaste & toothbrush
 small size towel

For getting ready: I pack my
lotion (sample size)
at least 4 under wears (even though I was going away for 3 nights), you need to pack an extra one just in case mother nature decides to show up.
 2 good bras
 4 tops
2 jeans & 1 legging
 2 dresses & a jacket
 2 low heel shoes and 1 high heel shoe.
1 Pajama

me in Midtown Manhattan

Other travel essentials:
My suitcase; of course
Makeup bag
Flat iron
Extra outfit change
Keys, I.D & passport (if traveling internationally)
Chargers (easy to forget)
Some cash

I hope this post helps anyone who is planning a short vacay anywhere. Pack lightly so you have room for all the shopping you’ll get to do. Last but not least have tons of fun. #yolo the worlds largest search engine for vacation and short-term rentals can help you find cheap vacation rentals for your next trip. Happy vacation!!

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