How to Slay a Bob Wig to look Natural + info on Christmas Giveaway

Hey babies, are y'all excited for Christmas, I am, it's literally hours away. Still christmas shopping? Well if you're done Christmas shopping and just need something to watch and keep you busy, you can check out my youtube video and how I slayed this bob wig (yes it's a wig, not my real hair) from start to finish.

The wig looks so realistic sometimes I forget it's not my

YouTube video

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Sidenote I know this is last minute, and I apologize but I am really feeling like father christmas right now and I wanna do a last minute Christmas give away, I will be putting up more info about the give away later today. But to be honest I still don't know what to give away so I will ask that you leave a comment below on what you want for christmas. Biko no iPad, Benz, House or anything outrageous like that, my money never reach that 

So please go ahead and drop your comments below, and I will pick two random might be your lucky day so make sure you enter...Even if one person enters I will give that one person 2 

Happy Holidays! ♥ AB!