On Monday one of my sisters (friend$ that become fam) and I were on a mission to discover new bars around where we lived. We ended up at this bar in Dallas called Nilo, were we got some food, had a few drankss and caught up on girl talk since she had been working a lot and I barley get to see her. I had such a good time as always with her and our food was soo tasteful.

My outfit is almost 100% from the thrift store here in Dallas. When I saw that shirt I knew I had to have it not because I care about Maroon 5 as a group but because I loveeee Adam Levine he's so sexy to me...ughh he's just yum! lol ok moving on my waist coat was also from the thrift store, and finally my pants from Zara which I got a very long time ago.

Even better they had a pool but none of us was dressed appropriately for it :-(


I would definitely recommend this bar if you are looking for new places to try out.

How cute is she?

They had pretty dope artwork leading up to the bar but unfortunately I couldn't get a lot of pictures of them for security reasons.

Outfit Deets
Shirt: Thrifted Maroon 5 Tshirt- American Apparel $5
Waistcoat: Thrifted $7
Pants- Zara $35