Episode 10...MUA/Photographer/Hairstylist: Eveliz Tomety #GirlBoss

Hey guys! I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. I am so excited to be doing my 10th Episode of Basi Bants. This is one is with a very beautiful lady Eveliz who I met through a mutual friend. She is a make-up artist, photographer and hair stylist in the DFW area. She is so multi-talented and kick ass at what she does. Now if this literally isn’t your life goals I don’t know what to tell you...lol She is a truly the definition of a girl boss.

Enjoy the interview, I will leave all her information and all that good stuff at the end of the interview, so you know I want you to read till the end, and learn how to be a girl boss.


What is your name? Eveliz Tomety

Where are you from? Ghana…black stars …Whoot! Whoot!!

What do you do for a living? I am an artist.

 Now that we have gotten some of these personal questions out the way, my blog readers and I would like to know more about your work as a make up artist, so I will like you talk about life as a make up artist for a little bit before we dive into the questions.

Makeup artistry is very exciting and yet very hectic. In peak seasons, such as prom and wedding season, the job entails a lot of travelling as well as working under pressure. It is something that I am passionate about so I gladly take on each job with excitement.  I get to meet people from all walks of life and that alone is gratifying.

One thing I must say is that being an artist gives me the opportunity to express myself freely and in addition to makeup artistry during non peak seasons, I also stay engaged in Photography and Hair styling.

What does makeup mean to you?
To me, it’s a form of art, its like being in a ball and being clad with Venetian masks. It is bold, it’s empowering. Makeup allows you to put your emotions on those masks. There are different looks for different occasions, which can magnify a side of you. The beauty of it all is that you choose which side of you , you want to show for each occasion.

Why did you choose this profession?
To an artist this is an interesting question, you don't get to choose the art, it chooses you. I am not trying to be quaint but alot of artist start in one field and build a career path in another. I love what I do.

What does your family think of this career path?
My family had a hard time in the beginning trying to understand but with hard work and dedication I was able to prove to them that this meant something to me and that it was possible to sustain myself economically and financially.

Do you think it’s important to go to school to learn the art of makeup or start off freelancing?
Art is not confined by boundaries and can be found in different forms. Sometimes freelancing grants you the opportunity experience art in the real world. There are rewards that the classroom cannot give you. However, a structured education compounds insight from different artists and you gain all the knowledge at a sitting. Truly it is a gift to be taught the wisdom of different masters of the art. The biggest advantage of a classroom over freelance is efficiency and insight.

Did you freelance for a while or work in a retail setting first before getting your own studio?
As I mentioned above both forms of education are valuable, so when the opportunity presented itself I did both. My first freelance gig was with MAC ™ Cosmetics. It was exciting.

What are the biggest challenges you have had to face as a makeup artist/photographer?
People constantly try to put me in a box to no fault of thier own,  they hardly get to witness me performing different forms of art. Some people know me as a cosmetologist, others only know me as a photographer and so my biggest challenge is trying to market myself as a multitalented artist.

If a client asks for a style you know does not suit them, how do you convince them to do otherwise?
After being in the business for so long it comes easy, on many occasions a client will ask for something that does not suit them and it is my job to tell them why it doesn’t, giving them facts and then gearing them towards styles that will compliment them instead. I usually explain to them why it worked on the model or person they saw the style on and why it wouldn't work on them and vice versa.
The never get offended and actually feel better knowing that I avoided them a potential uncomfortable situation.

What MUA’s do you look up to?
There are so many artists out there and right now I am very impressed with the work of great teachers and artist such as Renny Vasquez and Sam Fine. I love their approach to makeup. Staying true to their sense of what beauty means to them and sticking to it through all these trends that come and go.

Renny Vasquez
Sam Fine working on Iman

 Where do you draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from great people that have been in this career path long before me, I don’t do a lot of TV inspiration but always look for things rich in culture and try to bring something beautiful out of it.  I do have a great mentor who inspires me through it all, Racheal Young. She has been a blessing on my journey as an artist always pushing me to continue to be better than my old self and build towards being an even better artist. I must also mention that my family especially my parents play a big role in inspiring me. Seeing how they have established themselves in their different career paths pushes me even greater and at the end of the day I just want to make them proud.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself staring in the remake of the Titanic, alongside the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio…. Lol jk.....In 5 years, I would like to expand Studio Eveliz ™ in Africa , the East Coast & London.

How important is social media presence as a makeup artist/hair stylist/photographer? In this Era it has become everything, it is a great way to showcase my work and share my brand with people far and wide.

Ever had a client that didn’t like the work you did on them? How did you fix it?
I have a policy of doing a thorough consultation before rendering any service to avoid circumstances like that, but if it arises I would offer the client an opportunity of a redo while addressing and correcting their concerns.

So a middle-aged woman walks into Studio Eveliz, about 54. Has never had her makeup done before (not a huge fan of makeup) but her daughter insists she gets her face beat by you for her wedding. What kind of look would you do on her?
Its funny you mention this because I have a lot of clients who always mention that they are not fans of makeup. They usually come to me when they have a special event. I love these types of clients because we live in a time and day where Cut crease and glitter, highlight and contour are sometimes overly done that it can scare aware a person that hardly dabbles with makeup.

I would give her the assurance that she would look like herself and that the makeup will be moderately applied to enhance her best features.  She would walk out of the studio with a look that is very calm and more in the neutral tones, nothing loud or dramatic.

What would you do if you weren’t a makeup artist, hair stylist or photographer?
I initially aspired to be a Dermatologist, If the art didnt choose me I am sure that is where I would have spent my life doing. I have always been interested in skin and beauty.

What advice do you have for anyone who is just starting out as an MUA?
Find out who you want to be, find your niche and stand for it, work wholeheartedly on your craft and be the best MUA you can be. Invest in yourself and stay dedicated. Understand that a kit full of makeup means nothing if the skills aren't there, with that being said own your skills and make people feel beautiful one face at a time.

I hope you my readers learnt a thing, or two from the interview, because I did. She has shown me that no matter where you’re from or where you find yourself it is possible to be a boss as long as you put in the work. I have to say this woman was so patient with me through the whole process of getting this interview done so thank you so much Eveliz for putting up with me and remaining very sweet throughout the interview, I truly appreciate it.

I have already attached some of her works through out the interview but please do make sure to check her out on her other works on her social media and follow her. Also if you are in the DFW area make sure to check her out her studio.

 Eveliz Tomety
Wedding, Fashion & Lifestyle Photographer . Beauty Consultant
Studio Eveliz, Inc.
 972.238.7680 Studio.Salon
 214.578.1766 Direct  
Instagram - StudioEveliz
Twitter - StudioEveliz
Pintrest -StudioEveliz


  1. this is awesome! She's indeed a true girl boss!!


  2. Beautifully done! I'm proud of Eveliz and u April :-)

  3. Beautifully done! I'm proud of Eveliz and u April :-)

  4. Beautifully done! I'm proud of Eveliz and u April :-)

  5. This was a great interview; I love Renny Vasquez & Sam Fine as well- they are amazing artists and educators!


    Rhenicia | Beauty By Rhenicia

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