How I Achieved Pink/Fuchsia Temporary Highlights with Chroma Lights

Well more like Fuchsia highlights as the box says.... If you're like me and get bored easily of one hair color you'll like this one.

With the help of Chroma lights, I was able to take my hair from this boring dark color to a more spring appropraite and fun color by adding this pink/fuchsia highlights 
p.s ignore the nails they will get done this weekend.

I basically sprayed the hair with the spray bottle starting from the roots then I worked my way up.

I got this hair color from my local CVS for only $9.99.  I will say it is well worth it as the color stays on for as long as you want it until you wash it off with shampoo. They also have it in teal and red.

Also its a great way to achieve any hair color without actually permanently dying/damaging your hair

O its the last day of April, I think I'm gonna cry :( But ima be a big
Finally, Basi Bants will be back next week I promise

With that said, I hope y'all are doing fantabuloso... I love you and have a great weekend ahead....AB!

I finally got my iMovie to work so my "How I went from deep burgundy to fuchsia color/highlights" video now up...Enjoy!


  1. I've been looking something like this. Do you know if they sell the brand in the UK ?. Lovely read x

    1. Thanks Titi...I'm sure they will have them in the UK. Check your local drug stores

  2. The colour sure suits you doll

    1. Thanks trying to go outside the box. Glad you like it

  3. i really like the violet higlights in your hair!
    good job :)

    Alice's Pink Diary