Episode 3 - Wanda

Hi my name is April Basi, and today I will be interviewing Wanda. I actually met Wanda through IG about a year go. I messaged her inquiring about something and she was kind enough to message me back, since then we have been in each others lives, and I have to say she is an all round awesome person, and definitely one of my greatest supporters. She sent me this interview a while ago, but I wanted to wait till Sunday night to post it on my blog so you guys can get in trouble while reading it at work on Monday morning.... hehe! Anyway enough talking lets get to it…
What is your name?
Wanda Azu Owoh
How old are you?
Twenty-one! Do you want to check my ID? HA!
Yesso. We checked and she wasn’t lying …hehe. All these females claiming 21, we had to make sure. Anyway…I digress...
Where do you live?
Currently, I reside in Virginia for school but I was raised in South Carolina.
What do you do for a living?
Second year student pharmacist at Hampton University School of Pharmacy.
Favorite childhood memory?
My favorite childhood memory would be meeting my best friend Gail at an Abiriba Convention. All of the children were running around like headless chickens except Gail and I. I walked up to her and said “Can we be friends? Because these other kids will get me in trouble”. Thankfully, she agreed and the rest is history!

So, usually people ask what you like about being grown up, but let’s be honest nobody likes being grown up, so I decided to change it up and say……..
What do you hate about being grown up?
Growing up comes with several responsibilities and awareness. Gone are the days of not thinking about cost and living a carefree lifestyle. You begin to understand why your parents pray so much!
When did you move to the United States?
I moved here when I was five. All I remember is telling my parents to send me back after a week of living in America, but they laughed at my request. Parents, they just don't understand! haha!
Do you miss Naija? And what do you think of our country right now? Getting better? or nah?
I miss Nigeria so much! I crave our rich heritage! Living in South Carolina as a Nigerian is hard because you will always have withdrawals. Our country has a long way to go in regards to political development. I pray that one-day corruption and greed will not be the face of Nigerian politics. On the contrary, I believe that Nigeria is one of the few countries left that still embraces their traditional cultures. This is a characteristic that I respect and admire, and I hope westernization does not completely change our foundation.
Where did/do you go to school?
Hampton University School of Pharmacy
What is/was you major in school (high school and college)?
I was a Pre-pharmacy major in undergrad with a minor in Leadership studies.  Currently, I’m  working on my PharmD. 
What is your dream career/job?
I hope to become a pharmacist, but I haven't decided which field I would like to pursue at the moment. Yes, there are different types of pharmacists including retail, hospital, nuclear, clinical, industrial, institutional, and many others! Why did you choose it?
I believe that healthcare should not be the primary focus of an individual's life; instead, people should focus on their families and friends. So, I want to give people one less issue to worry about by providing them with excellent patient-centered pharmaceutical care. So many individuals die because of drug-related problems, and I want to help reduce that preventable statistic. Pharmacists belong to one of, if not the most, trusted professions in healthcare; we have the ability and resources to implement change in healthcare. I don't aspire to be a pill pusher but a lifesaver!
 How do you plan to impact the world especially Naija with your Career of choice in the future?
I hope to travel back and transform the role of pharmacists. Granted, it may be a difficult task but I am prepared for it. Fortunately, globally there are several other Nigerian pharmacists whom share a similar vision. Ultimately, pharmacists play a vital role in healthcare and Nigeria needs to experience it!
Are you in support of African parents that pretty much dictate that their children do nursing or pharmacy or medicine in the United States, so they can have a stable job; on the stance that nobody will hire a foreigner with an “accent” to play in their movies or be their backup dance or music director?
I understand that African parents want the best for their offspring, so of course they will persuade their children to pursue careers with job security. However, if African students can be successful in their alternative career choices they should earn the respect and blessing of their parents.
What would you say growing up in Naija was like for you and would you bring up your kids the same way?
I didn't grow up in Nigeria, but I was raised on similar values. Growing up in America as a Nigerian in South Carolina was not as difficult as some may assume. The only awkward situations I encountered involved my lunch choices. I never conformed to America dishes as a child and some of my classmates didn't understand my lifestyle. I quickly learned that the smell of goat and fish were not appealing to my American friends. Yet, I also learned that my real friends who truly cared did not judge me based on my preferences. Even though, I experienced a few awkward situations, those experiences truly built my self-esteem and Nigerian pride. I will probably raise my future children in a similar way. I think I turned out fine. Don't you agree? Haha!
So, lets get a little personal, don’t worry don’t get nervous….lol, we will start off slow then it will get hotter….oya ready! Go!!
Oh lawd!
Any gf/iyawo (wife) or bf/hubby in your life? (no lies…. no denials )
Nope, I'm single by choice. Suitors dey though! I am just not interested at the moment; I'm too focused on my studies. Ask me again in four years, hopefully I'll have a better answer.
If not tell us your dream woman/man?
My dream man is God-fearing and looks like Idris Elba!
What do your views on premarital sex? (i.e. do you believe in sampling the goods)
I believe that sex is a sacred experience and people should respect it as such. It's unfortunate that it has become a recreational activity and has lost its value to some individuals. To address your statement, I don't believe you should sample every good because eventually your own goods will spoil. No one wants someone who has been with everyone.
The other day me and my friends were talking about how men these days don’t do the chasing, (even naija men o). Females these days will do anything to find hubby just to post picture of “bae” on instagram. What do you think? Do you think it’s okay for us women to chase men because society is changing or that’s not acceptable and chivalry should still prevail?
Girls love "doing it for the gram" these days, haha! If a woman is bold enough to chase a man, I believe she has the right to. However, she shouldn't be upset when the man will not commit to her. I firmly believe in the bible verse that says "he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from The Lord." Therefore, I am going to wait patiently for bae to find me when God says it is time. I'll probably be in the library studying when he does ha!
Finally, I’m sure the readers will want to know about your style so please…
Describe your personal style.
I would describe my style as conservative, modern, and chic. I like simple pieces that make lasting statements. Currently, I am obsessed with shoes and the colors black and royal blue. Black is classic and timeless while royal blue is jaunty and memorable.
Thank you so much for your time Wanda. I hope you guys had fun reading this; I loved it, because it was very organic and refreshing. Please, feel free to suggest questions you want me to ask on this blog it will be very much appreciated.
Have a great week ahead J

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