WCW Transgender Blogger Gigi Gorgeous

My first WCW on here goes to transgender model/blogger Gigi. With well over 2 million followers on her social media, Gigi has been killing the fashion game lately. I mean I feel like I have watched this girl grow from 0 to 100 literally. I love all her videos on youtube and think she's an all round cool person who is unapologetically her, which is how I am striving to be daily

Since her full transition into a woman in 2013, this girl has been unstoppable. I need that fur coat in my life. 

Long before I fell in love with her outfits, I fell in love with how genuine and honest she is with every procedure she has undergone. I know she is just starting to go places. Also happy birthday to her it's her birthday today #ariesnation

For those of you that are amebo like me and want to know what she looked like before her transition here you go...lol

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