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If you live in the Dallas area, you know that the weather has been sadly rainy and gloomy all week. Which has probably contributed to my lack of posts in the past couple of days? haha but seriously, wth I was just warming up to the idea that summer weather was near, but nope, we have been plagued with this lazy weather all week. Anyway totally not planned but my outfit for this post must have been teleported to me because it somehow matches my mood for this weather tbh.

The back detail on this dress had me SHOOK!

Trying very hard here not to throw the word obsessed too freely around but heck yes I am obsessed with this sleeve mesh mini dress from ASOS. I feel like I could totally be a character in Game of Thrones, queen Cersei Lannister in particular with the avant-garde vibes of this dress. The exaggerated sleeves, back cut out, mesh and sleeves are absolutely jaw-dropping in person, the pictures do it no justice. When you say simple meets sophisticated then you are talking about this dress. 

You have that one friend that's the life of the party? This dress is that friend, it can be worn on multiple different occasions, and it'll blend right in. Birthday parties, black-tie event, cocktail dinners, even your bf's crazy ex's funeral (shh! you didn't hear that from me) are just a few examples. It's the ultimate LBD (little black dress of all little black dresses). Pair with a barely there sandal like this black one or on the other hand, some pointed pumps to make you look like a million dollar babe.

Dress (here ) similar (here here) plus size (here)// Shoes (here) similar (here) (here) (here) (here) so many choices (here)

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How to Find Your Everyday Fashion Inspiration

Everyone knows that clothes don’t make the man, but we can all agree that they tell a lot of him and his personal style. Coming up with different fashion combos on a daily basis is what all of us have to do, and it can get a bit tricky from time to time – primarily because of the lack of inspiration. Keep on reading and learn how to find your everyday fashion inspiration in four simple steps. Check them out and enjoy!

How to slay on Valentines Day!! The Sequin Edit

Lovers Day is finally upon us, and I feel like I've been in a marathon from all the hype that has preceded this day. It's like every year the momentum builds up and people get really uppity about Valentine's day. Granted valentines mean different things to different people but I honestly feel as though Valentine's day is a day to show love to not just your significant other but it is a day to remind everyone you care about how much you love them.

I chose to wear this dress by TFNC, a UK brand that makes the most beautiful sequin dresses in my opinion.  The even more fun thing about this dress is that when you slide down you see the pink sequin which you guys can see, but then when you slide up you see the silver sequin. Its like 2 dresses in one. How cool! 

For a dress like this wearing, sandals are best because it makes the dress even more flattering. Do not pair it with pink sandals, as that will make the look too one-sided. Instead, pair with nude, rose gold or silver sandals like this one from Public Desire to tie in the silver sequin which peaks through the dress. And Voila! you slay!

I hope you all have a love-filled Valentine's day. If you're single today (girl/boy) don't even worry about it. Treat yourself, buy yourself something you've always wanted, or have a Spa day. The list is endless.  

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Dress (here) alternatives (here) // Sandals on sale for only $18 (here), cute alternatives (here) (here)

3 Last minute Valentines Day gift ideas for HIM x HER


Sephora gift card - upgrade her makeup game!

 Let me upgrade you grade you!!! lol, Sephora is a beauty store that is available at everybody's local mall and is a gift that every girl will appreciate because every girl loves makeup. In fact, give your girl a heavily loaded Sephora gift card at any time of the year and she'll love you forever boo. 

Dinner date 

 Definitely, a more traditional route plus it might be super late for this one as most of all the bougie restaurants will be booked out. But you might be lucky to land a reservation as people cancel reservations all the time. Call and find out, never assume because you might be pleasantly surprised. Resturants like Perry's Steakhouse and Grille, Texas de Brazil, and Trulucks are Dallas hotspots. 


If you're dating a woman of color (woc) then buy her bundles, honey! If you're in the Dallas area, stores like 'She's Happy Hair' and 'Virgin Hair Outlet' have some really good quality hair. If you don't live in an area that carries a lot has hair stores for woc, that's shade! lol, but you can always just load up a Visa card for your girl so she can shop her favorite hair stores online.


Favorite sports team merch

Be the best girlfriend your man ever had and get him his favorite teams' merch. E-commerce sites like Amazon have overnight shipping which will be your best option since time is no longer in our hands. It will cost you some extra coins but you love your bae that much right? Men love their sports teams, you can never get them enough of this.


Have you been side-eyeing your man's shoe choice for date nights? Well now is the time to nicely buy him new shoes without him suspecting its because you want him to get rid of his old ones. Don't stray too far though, figure out his taste in shoes and then go to a nice department store like Macys or Nordstroms (my fave), look at brands like Hugo Boss or even Cole Haan they always have amazing shoes. Also, what better time to launch his new shoes than at Val's day dinner!

Wear sexy lingerie and make him dinner at home

I'm sure most of you naughty girls already have this ready for your man, but if you are a working babe and haven't had time to get your hands on a sweet pair of lingerie yet, Macy's has a huge selection from brands like Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. Or alternatively, you can check your local Victoria Secret store. Then add the icing on the cake by making him his favorite meal at home.

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Daring to be different is something that comes pretty natural to me. Not only because I have a fashion-forward mom who has been a fashion designer for over 20 years, but I always knew I had a different eye when it came to fashion and the things that I had an eye for. That is why for this look I decided to get not just a plain puffer jacket, but one that had something interesting on it like this corset detail in the middle.

Red paired with black makes such a bold and daring statement. If you saw my last post here on 'How to look rich when you're not' you would see how much attention red commands. Although red can be tricky on different skin tones, it is ok to try different hues until you find the one that works best for your skin tone. 

Thanks to the corset detail in the middle of the jacket gone are the days when we had to worry about looking "fat" in a winter jacket. The corset cinches in your waist and gives you a coke bottle figure. Pair with black pants or even dark blue ankle denim to make you look like a million bucks. Finally, complete the outfit with oversized sunglasses like these ones I got on sale last year from Quay (pronounced Key) and some pointed pumps or vintage open toe sandals like these ones from Crown.

Jacket (here) Black color (here) // Pants (here) // Sunglasses (here) // Shoes (here), similar (here)

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5 Details About Women's Fashion Every Lady Can NOT Ignore

Fashion for women can be a minefield of dilemmas…what to buy, what colors to choose, what styles, how to keep your clothes safe etc. There is so much information that it can be quite daunting. But with this simple guide, you will be able to get the most out of your closet going forward and look as stylish as if you just came off a high designer runway show!

Sound good?

The main thing to focus on when dressing in different seasons is to wear the colors of that season so that you will look en vogue and not out of place. Keep an eye on fashion websites like vogue.com and elle.com to see which colors featured the most during fashion weeks. For example, burgundy was huge for the fall shows this year. So for winter, stick to rich, indulgent reds, browns and burgundy hues and you can’t go wrong. An elegant wrap dress in a beautiful deep color will not only look good but give you a fashion edge.

Being sexy is not something to be afraid of and women should feel comfortable about showing off a small part of their bodies. Have fun with fashion and stay feminine, you will feel so much better about your look, just remember that less is more and you can’t go wrong.

When you go shopping, why not experiment and bit more this season and step out of your comfort zone a bit. This doesn't have to be a drastic change, but you could try and add in some different elements to your look, like statement necklaces, higher heels, big belts etc. Always keep changing your style slightly as the seasons go by to avoid getting stuck in a style rut. By all means, choose the clothes that you feel best in, like a gorgeous sexy dress, fabulous on its own, but add in a little bit of extra fashion focus such as an eye-catching belt and bag for others to hone in on and you will help to keep your look current and up to date.

Finally, look after the little things. For example, always remove labels from soles of shoes when you buy them…unsightly if left there for all to see. Cut off long labels and hanger loops from tops. There is nothing worse than seeing those loops hanging out over arms, they will completely ruin the look of any outfit. Only use wooden hangers to store your clothes, wire hangers will totally destroy the shape of garments and distort their line irreversibly. Wooden hangers are much kinder!

Look after you as well, if you have your nails manicured, hair styled and lovely, complimentary makeup applied, then your clothes will just be the cherry on top! Beauty comes from the inside out and if you feel good you will look even better.

Clothes are not something to be afraid of, but something to have fun with. Just by following a few simple rules you can get the most out of your closet and make sure that your first impressions last!

Contributor: Tan Iris

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