06/26/16 Newport Beachinggg

This past weekend my friends and I went to the beach to kind of lounge and for me ease off all the stress from school. It was such a good time and the water was sooo blue. It was my first time going to the beach at sunset and it was absolutely beautiful. 

Tumblr Style Inspiration 4

These are some of the styles I have been loving on Tumblr...ugh if only I was rich enough I would have everyone of these outfits in my closet. I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I see a well put together outfit. So yea Tumblr gives me lifeee. I can't wait till I can make enough money to just shop shop shop till I drop...literally! lol

See more jaw dropping styles below....

Rosegold x Lashes + YT video

Hey loves I hope you are having a great week so far! I did another make up look with the  new Sephora pallete which you can find here . It has the most beautiful colors I have seen in a while in any palette and the colors are so highly pigmented. Also I switched up my lashes and I now wear the House of Lashes - Iconics. They are absolutely beautiful, look natural and feel very light. 

As always I will list all the products used for this look at the end of the post...x

Dealing with self acceptance...My story!

I haven't ever done this but I just felt it in my heart to do this post. I hope it helps one or 2 people out there. Around when I was 7, I started to feel out of place; you know like I didn't belong or to be honest that I just wasn't good looking enough to be liked by people. My little sister used to always get all the attention. Every party we went to, every social gathering we had, people would always throw it in my face that I was the ugly one of the two. Then came age 9 when I broke my front tooth from slipping in water, I started to feel even more insecure in myself and absolutely hated myself.; and the comparison to my sister seemed to never end.

Fast-foward to age 13 when this boy....uhh lets just call him M liked me. It was such a weird feeling I had. He was my friend up until he uttered those 3 terryifing word "I like you" I started to avoid him like he was the scum of the earth. This was all my insecurities kicking in. He was such a good guy to me but after all the years of resentment from people I just couldn't wrap my head around the thought of someone liking me. I thought to myself there are so many pretty girls for you to have your eyes on, why don't you like them? ...Anyway, my relationship with M became strained and we never got to date...this very easily became the story of my life.

Collaboration with American Diamonds Jewelry

Are you a jewelry lover? Do you have eyes for anything that sparkles and timeless pieces? Are you tired of the same jewelry pieces you’ve seen online and have a desire to create your own personalized piece?  If that’s the case, then you will love this post sponsored by American Diamonds Jewelry. I had the opportunity to collaborate with them and being a jewelry lover myself, I am so grateful for this opportunity.

American Diamonds Jewelry is an online boutique that offers exquisite fine jewelry and loose diamonds at affordable prices.  Some pieces are even under $50 which makes it affordable for just about any budget.
They have an extensive collection of jewelry ranging from bridal rings and bracelets to earrings and personalized jewelry. They strive to provide their customers with the highest standard of customer service and stand behind their high quality products. To take it a step further, American Diamonds Jewelry even offers free shipping and free returns on their jewelry pieces, providing each customer with a return label. The process is extremely pleasant and hassle free.

Feel free to visit their website for more details and comment below on their jewelry pieces! I would love to hear any thoughts you may have on these gorgeous pieces I picked out.

See more beautiful pieces from their website below.

Recent Buys/ Favorites ....Guess, Marc Jacobs, Kat Von D, Better than Sex, Daniel Wellington and more

L-R: Marc Jacobs-Daisy, Bath and Body works Twilight Woods, Guess Seductive, DKNY Delicious Night, and one of my favorite books ever Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso.

Its been a while I did a favorites blog post. And I just realized how much I missed doing it. This perfumes are all amazing but if I had to pick my absolute fav it would be the DKNY one which was gifted to me by a friend on my birthday. The MJ one is pretty good too. I would describe the smells but I suck at describing smells...lol but I will say it is very floral without being over the top. Its that perfect floral scent. O Bath and Body works is having a semi annual blow out sale, were everything in the store is up to 75% off. So if I were you I would be running there now...haha btw has anyone tried the Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume? I heard its amazing, and i'm thinking of getting it.

 O and that book on my kindle is a must read. If my last interview with Eveliz hasn't shown you how to be a girl boss. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!! It's so inspiring on every level. If you know me you know I never finish a book, but I just couldn't put this book down. O and did I mention she is the CEO of Nasty Gal? ...thank me later

L-R: Stay don't stray eyeshadow primer, Kat Von D ink liner, Too faced Better than Sex mascara & Beach Bunny bronzer/highlighter, Sephora Oh my Gosh blush

As you know you can never walk into sephora and pick up that "1" item that you wanted and in my case I walked out with 5...lol p.s If you don't buy anything else here please get your hands on the eyeliner. It literally lasts a whole year, o and that mascara is heaven. It just fleekifies your lashes.

Finally being a watch collector, and although I just got this one in the mail yesterday I am totally obsessed with it. I had been eyeing the Daniel Wellington watches for a while now, and when I went on their website a couple days ago and saw that they were giving doing a summer campaign where you get a an extra strap with your order I was sold. The leather quality is amazing and you can use the code "RemixtheDog" to get a 15% discount. I got the Classic Bristol Lady

Camels x Stripes

Hey loves I haven't had much activity on here for a while but since I was in Boston this Sunday for a friends BBQ I decided to do a quick outfit post before I got too busy to post it. I hope you have all been well. I can't wait till school is over so I can start posting here frequently again. 

Let  me know what you think of this simple outfit I put together. O p.s I don't know what it is about stripes but thats all I reach for these days, I think it's because it just gives you that effortless and put together look....which is so me...lol

 I thought I should share this quote that has been getting me through this past couple of weeks... When you start having doubts about the path you are on just "trust the path you are on" because there is a reason you are there. It was not by chance!! Love you guys...x

See more pics as well as outfit details below....

"Call me Caitlyn" First photos of Bruce Jenner as a Woman


I normally wouldn't post this but I just felt the need to. Also being a self proclaimed lifestyle blogger I thought to get the view of my readers on this. This is "Bruce's" (as he was formally known) first photoshoot as a woman with Vanity Fair magazine. What do you guys think of this whole transition thing? Personally I am happy that he is happy but I am still in shock. 

See more photos after the break.... She actually looks really pretty.