Episode 7: Photographer... Temi Coker

My name is April Basi and today I will be interviewing Temi Coker. I met Temi about 4 years ago a while back at an RCCG youth road trip to San Antonio, Texas. He’s such a nice guy and has remained a great person all through the years. I love that he has gone ahead to make something great for himself. He is living his truth, which a lot of people can’t say so much about them selves these days.

I have switched up the way I do these interviews, where, now I focus more on the individuals’ craft, rather than ask them all these questions about their personal views and lifestyle. I feel it will be more beneficial to whoever wants to pursue a certain career path.  Let me know if you guys like this method of interviewing better. I personally do.

Ok! Enough said, now grab a glass of juice or whatever puts you in the right mood and get started reading ….I’m sure you will enjoy reading this one not only because hes a fine boy..lol, but also if you love photography like I do, you will appreciate this interview!

What is your name?
Temiloluwa Coker

How old are you?

Where are you from?
Born and Raised in Lagos, Nigeria, but currently live in Arlington, TX.

Are you in school, If yes, (What school do you go to?)
Not anymore. I graduated May 2014 from the university of Houston (Go coogs).

What do you do for a living?
I’ve been doing photography and graphic design full time until last month when I began to sub at my old HS. I’m currently pursuing teaching and now have the opportunity to teach photography and video at my old HS which is pretty cool!

What is your dream career/ job?
My dream Job would be to be my own boss and work with different Ad Agencies doing graphic design/ photography or even work with top brands & Companies like Adidas, Nike, NFL, NBA, Olympics etc.

Now that we have gotten these personal questions out the way, my blog readers and I would like to know more about your photography?
Awesome! Lets get to it!


Everything about this outfit is just me. I love the clear shoes, she has absolutely beautiful legs. the skirt adds a bit of edginess. The sweater gives her a fresh look, and finally her blonde ombre ties everything together. Do y'all like ?

Weekend finds... Lip colors, Inspirational book, etc

Last weekend I was able to spend some of the money I don't have on things I should probably not be buying...hahha but I don't think a girl ever has too much makeup. Or maybe i'm just deceiving myself abi? But believe it or not this lipsticks only cost $2.99 so you know I couldn't pass that up. I got the necklace from XXI for only $6. Its so beautiful on and I wore it on my last post here

The book was given to me by my friend Angy, she said she thought I would love reading the book because it helped her get through some tough times. She was so right cuz I am racing through this book, I'm already on chapter 9. I love it because it ties in the bible and Gods promises to us, as well as makes you start asking your self questions about the true purpose of your existence. I love this quote from it. "It's better to die for something, than to live for nothing." I will talk more about it when I'm done reading.

 From left to right Absolute NY (matte lipstick) in rosso corso; looks deep orange, Absolute NY (maxi satin) lip color in plum, Mary Kay lash love mascara (gifted). I am absolutely loving the plum color, it goes very smoothly on the lips and lasts all day.

 Here are the swatches below...


Did you guys watch the Oscars last night? Well I started but I fell asleep halfway, it was too damn long...haha..Now I'm mad I missed the Lady Gaga performance that everyone is talking about. Anyway I think Lupita stole the show last night. Her dress was absolutely stunning. And I love that switches up the styling of her short hair every now and then.  But her dress, 6,000 pearls though!!! It was custom made for her by Calvin Klein. Damn I would be scared with every step I take, hoping the pearls don't start to fall off. I love that she is very daring with her fashion. Definitely my favorite look on her. I also loved Zendayas faux locks, and Zoe Saldana's dress.


 Hey lovers! Thank you so much for your comments/feedback on my last post. Your support means a lot to me. I hope you had a great weekend. As for me I had a very relaxing weekend. Idk I'm not feeling to go out anymore these days. I'm turning into an old woman sha. lol

 Welcome to my first official make up Monday. Who said smokey eyes can only be worn on a night out. Lies you tell! Smokey eyes can definitely be worn in the day time. On this one I used mostly the black eyeshadow in the Naked 2 pallete, which I have found to be my fav black color. Its just very rich and pigmented. 

Please let me know what you guys think...


Clearly I am having a good day today cuz I am having so much fun blogging today. Anyway my ladies and gents this one is for you, I know you guys will like this one. Today I was watching The Real. Idk if any of you watch that show but I like it a lot and this topic was up for discussion. When is the right time to wait to tell a guy that's interested in you that you plan to keep your virginity/ celibacy till marriage. Several options were raised but that ones that stood out to me where

a) Wait till you get to know the guy and see if he's really into you and maybe if you like him to tell him your rules.
b) Tell him right off the bat so he knows what he's into before feelings get caught up, and someone gets hurts.
c) Finally, will you wait till you're in that position in the picture above to finally say "Bae I ain't ready for this" lol (hopefully he doesn't kick you out)

Personally I will go for the second (2nd) option because I do not want to have to waste my time with anyone that will get mad when I drop the bomb on him. I feel like the guy has the right to know. Tamar Braxton made a point where she was like, "it really isn't the guys business to know when he just met you". But I will say in this day and age when most guys literally just wanna take you to their bed and skip going on dates, its only right to let them know, so that they know what they're getting themselves into. I think a lot of ladies like to wait before they tell the guy because they are afraid they might not find someone else, but to me that is not the case. If a guy genuinely is into you (I'm hoping you guys would have established a lil friendship first), he should be willing to wait for that pumpum (Charlemagne voice)

Comment below what do you think, what option would you go for ?? 

You don't have to be a virgin, even if you are celibate you're welcome to leave your opinions too. Also if you don't want to wait to till marriage but give it up to someone that you both have strong feelings for each other, go ahead an join in the fun. Nobody is left out, girls and guys are welcome to comment. Now start talking can't wait to see what y'all think....


Please, Who else is watching this show? Lets talk biko! I know I am not the only one having withdrawals every time we gotta wait for the next episode. Isn't this seriously the best show on tv at the moment? Like the cast is on fleek. Taraji is a class act...and can we talk about the music...drip drop...lol. I love this show.

Please comment below if you're watching, let me know what you think of it. If you're not you need to get on it, what are you waiting for....no carry last o!!


Ndi Nke'm! (My people) so I wanted to introduce you guys to my style crush. I found Aimee via instagram on just one of them days that I had nothing to do, and since then I have just been stalking this girl like no tomorrow. I'm sure some of you guys know her if not from her IG where she has close to 2 million people following her, then most likely from her blog Song of Style.  She is an LA based fashion blogger but what makes her so inspirational is to think that she actually started her blog as an interior design blog, only for people to appreciate her outfits posts more, so she pursed it, and its crazy to see how far she's come. 


Idk if y'all know but I have a tumblr account here, I am pretty frequent on there. It is where I draw most of my style inspirations. This look is something I totally see myself wearing, especially the jacket and the shoes. Mmmm love me a good colored leather jacket...so badass. I plan on doing posts like these more on my blog where I show y'all outfits I'm loving and hopefully in the near future try to recreate

Do you guys have a tumblr account ? if you do please list your name below I wanna follow new accounts 


Chifyy (thats my nickname btw) is here again with another makeup look. On this one I played with a lot of silver and black. And I thought red lipstick would be perfect to finish it off. It kinda gives me Christams vibes.... too bad christmas is over:(

I'm sure you're wondering what the hell is she doing in that last picture...lol this was my reaction to the Amber vs Khloe Kardashian meltdown yesterday on social media. It got too real so I had to put my glasses on. lol Seriuosly I was staring at my phone like this for over an hour, these celebrities are a mess...

Did y'all know about the fight ?? If so, whose team where y'all on ...team Amber or team Khloe?? I personally am on team Amber, she's too real (even though Khloe my girl though).....she didn't come for the KKK family but Khloe thought she could face my milf, and her ass got handed to her ...lol. What do y'all think is it okay for Kylie Jenner to be dating a 25 year old man, who has a baby ? 

Anyway, as usual all the products used for this look will be listed by latest tomorrow. But I will tell you the lippy is RiRi woo with currant lipliner. What do y'all think about this one, ipass or ifail?? 

O btw before I forget, starting Monday I am going to try to work on a schedule where I do make up looks on mondays. So it'll be #makeupmondays... 

Finally, guess what?? Basi Basi returns this weekend, I know it seems like I abandoned that section of my blog but no, Its just a lot has prevented me from doing those interviews, you know listening to peoples opinions I shouldn't be listening to, and doubting myself ....anyway all that is done with so fear no more Basi Bants will soon be here....haha ...I'm so corny!


If you live in the New England area then you know we have had a pretty bad winter with so many snow days :(  But I thought I should share with you guys some of my go to shoes this winter. You already know they would be mostly black. From left to right  are my Anne Klein iflex flats which I wear on occasion to class or like an interview. Then my strappy Zara sandals which I got last year for turn up reasons...lol... they are so comfortable, I can literally wear them all night. Far right, my Zara boots which I also purchased last year. I practically live in these. They are not particularly comfortable but they are so chic and stylish. I wore them in this post here. Finally my Lucky Brand silver slippers I recently purchased from Saks 5th Avenue in Dallas which I absolutely love. They are so cute and comfortable. Of course I only wear these indoors for now, but I can't wait to rock these bad boys in the summer.

What are some of your go to shoes this winter?


Y'all knew I couldn't let valentines day creep in without doing another make up look for you guys. I really had fun doing this one and I love the way it turned out. Thank you guys for continuing to read my blog even when I seem to have disappeared and abandoned y'all. I seriously love you guys so much and I wish you nothing but love in this season of love.

Sultry Valentines Day make up

Hello my beautiful friends! I have missed you guys o. I am so sorry I have been away for a little while, school and life has been quite time consuming. Anyway Vals day is around the corner and for those of you that have a special someone to celebrate with I envy you..lol. For my single girls this will be our last valentines being single...Amen? Amen! lol

I decided to create this simple but sultry makeup look I feel will look good with that sexy outfit you want to wear on your date. I decided to use mostly pink and gold because it's really girly and flirty (perfect for valentines). I will list all the makeup products I used below.