Rita Dominic is my first style crush for the week. Why ? Simply because she Slays. I have watched Rita's journey grow back from her first movie A Time To Kill, to now that she is a movie producer with multiple high profile awards. I have just always liked her as an actress, but now as a fashionista.

See as Rita's style has evolved back from her house girl days to now slaying every bitch in the game.

Still trying to understand why her button was open

Now you can't tell me nothing!!!

No one does it like her on the red carpet

Word on the street is that she is now dating a billionaire that lives in Banana Island. Yass!!! you better get get that shopping money.

Also congrats to her on being the new face of flatummytea Nigeria, get those coins girl!!!

Keep Slaying Auntie Rita, we are very much here for it.

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