Hey guys! It's been a while I did an outfit post so the other day, I legit threw on anything I could find in my closet (keeping fall weather in mind of course), and went photo cray. Outfit deets will be at the end per usual. Enjoy!

Fall Makeup #3: Peach x Blue

Hey guys here is a my #makeupmonday look that I am just putting up...kai I deserve flogging. But I hope y'all aint too mad at me. This look was super easy to do probably the easiest look I have ever done. Let me know if you guys like. I feel like it looks more summer'y than fall, but its cool, nobody's checking me. If Bruce Jenner can decide to be female in a heartbeat I can decide to do a summer'y makeup look in the fall....Bloop!

How I Relax on the Weekends + Workout Routine

Hey guys! I hope you are having a good weekend so far. Mine is pretty good it's just getting colder and colder...ughhh

This is how I try to lounge inside and stay warm since I don't have a bae to keep me warm (yet)..lol

How to make an ombrè wig + Youtube Tutorial

Happy weekend bae's. I wanted to share with you guys a video I put together on how I made this ombré wig please check it out on my youtube page Don't forget to LCS (like, comment and subscribe), to stay updated when I put out new content. I will explain in detail how I made it and other extras. Hope you enjoy.

Tumblr style inspiration #5 Fall Edition

Enjoy some of my fave tumblr fall outfit picks...many more below.

FALL MAKEUP #2: DIRTY ROSE + YouTube Tutorial

Hey guys happy #MakeupMonday, fall season is here and I can't believe I am already bringing out my jacket :-( But nonetheless I am pretty pumped for fall fashion who else is? For this weeks makeup look I wanted to keep it still very fall inspired, but I found the only dark lippy I own is Mac's smoked purple which I already used in this post here, so I need to invest in more lippies. But I still think this looks very fall ishh...innit?

All details of everything used will be at the end as well as a youtube tutorial which is now up so click below to check it out.

My first Tattoo + Experience ♥

Initially, I didn't want to make a post about this, because I feel tattoos are quite personal but I decided why not, there maybe someone out there that would like to know what its like the first time so here you go "My first tattoo + Experience"


Hey guys sorry no #makeupmonday today! Got a little busy but I will try to put up one later this week. Meanwhile enjoy this photos that I took while I attended the Northpark 50th anniversary fashion show. I had such a good time. I loved all the fall pieces especially the ones from Neiman Marcus, and the models were stunning. 

Exploring downtown Dallas + Discovering SĘRJ Indie Cafe

Hi guys, sorry my Wednesday post is coming late. I've been having a great week so far probably my best week since the past couple of months. I didn't win a lottery o....so don't get too happy for me...lol But as some of you may know Texas is like my second home, I have lived here for the past 6 years, and can you believe I have never really explored Dallas?? Well I just up and went, and I want to say I can't believe how similar to the east coat it is, well Boston; you know the trains, no parking, fashion, etc. It's such a beautiful city.

Joan Smalls Inspired classic Red Lip + YT tutorial

Happy #MakeupMonday beautiful people. I had to start this week off right, to keep me motivated to follow through the week. So lately I have been obsessed with Joan Smalls , like really obsessed. At first when I used to see her on the VS fashion show I used to think ehh just another pretty black girl on the run way, but then just randomly going through the internet I ran across a video of her on youtube and of course being the curious being that I am, I did my lil investigation on her. She is such an inspiring individual added to her being so flawless, extremely hardworking and just very selfless.

She inspired me to believe that you can do anything put your mind into at any time in your life, she graduated magna cum laude from college with a degree in psychology and paved her way to the United States to make a name for herself because modeling was where her heart was.

Click below to see, the picture that inspired me to create this look, you will also see more photos of me in the future doing a lot of her runway makeup looks, why?? because I am obsessed with her and yes she is my new bff..lol

I hope you guys like, as always all the products used will be listed below, thanks so much for all your continued support...much love...AB!