Myths Nigerians believe about Nigerians living in the US

 If I had a dollar for every time my sister has asked me to call her back, after she flashes my phone, or asked me to research something for her because I have "constant internet", I would be a very wealthy woman by now. So therefore I have decided to bring y'all this post to let you guys know 5 reasons why things are not always very rosy for us here in the States.

1. We don't actually have constant electricity.
Are you surprised ? Yes, believe it or not Nepa dey take light for Yankee. When that rain comes pouring down at night or we have one serious Tornado watch, piam!!! the lights go off and they go off for hours, mind you everything in America uses electricity, and when I say everything, everythingggg. No light means no food to eat, because burner won't work, no Tv to watch, no internet, eventually no water to baff and many more.

2. You work for every dollar
You can go to jail for stealing a penny in this country. Nothing is osho free in America, they will pay you, but you will work your ass for it. I remember a while ago, when I was working at this retail shop and a lot of the times I would go and hide to try on shoes or be on my phone thinking the cameras wont catch me, but one day nemesis caught up with me. My manager walked me out of the building and read me to filth, hammering into my head the value of every dollar they make at the store. I almost peeed on my pants with the way she was talking to me. In Nigeria this kind of behavior is generally overlooked and most workers don't give a rats about their job, especially if they are underpaid.

3. Good men are hard too find
This one I don't even know if its curse, and kudos to you if you've found one here but I have seriously just give up on this one.You know how they say women age 5 years more than men, I think its only in other countries because I think its more like 20 years here. The guys are just something else. They will not buy you a 1000 roses, they will not post you on Ig, they will not even text you, but yet they want you to be cooking for them, so if you've found one hold on tight because I promise it ain't greener on the other side.

4a. They will cut ya bills like its hot if you don't pay
Nigerians will give you notice and even still give you extra time if you don't pay your bills but American's don't play. I have seen peoples cars get repossessed because they didn't make that last final payment on their cars. No notice no warning, the next thing you know you come out of work ready to get in your car and you notice the car has developed wings. Or #2, you come out of the shower ready to enjoy your favorite tv shows, and all of a sudden total darkness in ya own house, then you realize you forgot that light this leads me to my next point

4b. Bills
I'm sure you guys have heard this one by anybody that lives here but incase you haven't yes bills is the reason we age in this country. There is seriously bills for everything it is not even a joke. I mean Beyonce even made a whole song about bills. So yes bills is a serious thing up here. Light, water, internet, insurance(life, car,etc), credit cards, mortgage, health, you name it there is a bill for it. So when we tell you we don't have money to send to Naija is because Oga Bills has taken all of it.

My last and final point

5. Mechanic is crazy expensive
When you first buy your car, the first prayer you should be praying is "Lord let me not have mechanic wahala" . Mechanics are probably one of the richest people in this country, because personally I haven't ever gone to the mechanic and spent less than 100 bucks, some doctors don't even make that much in an hour. Just small bolt will be missing from your car and they will tell you its $300 to fix it. I mean just to buy 1 tire is $100 (30,000 Naira), you do the math on how much an established mechanic makes in a day. 

So basically my point is while everything may look all Rosy and great for us on the gram, we are all suffering and smiling..

I want us to discuss on this topic so down below let me know some myths you have/had about living in America, and if you live here tell me if you agree with me and add more please if you have any, i'd love to hear it.

Finally, if you haven't entered my giveaway here, what are you waiting for ? Remember nothing is osho free in America so grab this opportunity while you can. 

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