It has come to my attention that Nigerian women have taken over the Agbada.

 If you don't know what Agbada is oya let me gist you. Agbada is a very typical Nigeria outfit which dates back from before my and your forefathers were is typically worn only to special occasions and can be seen as a symbol of wealth and accomplishment... you gerrit ? Cool. Now that thats out the way let me share a few forros of how men wear it and how women are now wearing it, and you guys be the judge...

Ok so this is how women in Nigeria are now styling it:

Not Surprised Toke is part of this

Apparently this style is very much in vogue and has been recurrent in outfits worn to the red carpets by women. What do you guys think of this trend? Are you here for it? Me personally, i'm not a fan, but I will say these ladies are slaying sha.


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