I started modeling professionally in the Spring of 2016, and I can't believe I've been on this journey for 2 years. Modeling kind of fell on my lap, and was never in my life plan, but it has been one of the best things I have ever done with my life. I always got asked if I was one for as long as I remember but I didn't know what it was about; in fact, I thought it was just a way of glorifying narcissistic bitches...haha

Growing up, my younger sister was the one who had all the interest in it, but my Dad was totally against it (as a typical African dad). However, fast-forward to 2 years ago when I moved back to Dallas. I decided to give this one thing I always heard about a try. I finally got signed by a small agency in the spring of 2016, just as I was about to give up and prove everyone wrong that I looked like a model. I was with that agency (who I will forever be grateful to for giving me a jump-start in my career) for a year but left because I knew I was ready to move on to the next level.

I signed with the Campbell Agency in mid-2107 (portfolio here), and the journey has been rewarding ever since. I decided to create this page to share some of my work, as I have gotten some experience, as well as share with you some of the incredibly talented photographers, and talent I have/will work with as I go along this journey. I hope you guys like it. At the end of the post, all of the photographer's information is listed if any of you would like to get a hold of them for your photographs.

Many of you might have an interest in modeling but might not know how to get started, or how to get around it. If you have any questions, make sure to send me an email (you can click the email icon in the top right or left-hand corner), and I will answer your questions to the best of my abilities.

P.s Modeling is not a walk in the park and has so many challenges. 'You're not tall enough' 'you aren't dark enough', 'your hips are too big', 'you aren't thin enough', you'll hear it all, but like anything you have to have a thick skin and perseverance to pull through.



11. Alicia Stepp, Beauty Test

10. Jack Lux, Editorial Test

9. Jason Fitzgerald, Test Shoot 

8. Matt Hawthorne, Fitness Test 

7. Morgan Chidsey, Test shoot.

6.  Eloy Guerra, Beauty shoot.

5. Diabe Salè, probably my best shoot so far in my career.

4. Lyndon Maristela, very different work for me and out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed it very much.

3. Allie Norado, This one was done along with my friend and fellow model, Ashley Moren.

2. Andrea SimonI got a little bit more comfortable with this shoot.

1. My first shoot ever with Jason Fitzgerald, believe it or not, I had no idea what I was doing.

Photographers info
7. Morgan Chidsey - IG aseaoflove 
6. Eloy Guerra - IG beautybyeloy
5. Diabè Sale - IG diabesale // Website ampdbyd
4. Lyndon Maristela - IG lyndon_maristela // Website lyndonmaristela.com
3. Allie Norado - IG allienoradophotog // Website allienoradophotography
2. Andrea Simon - IG andrea.r.simon // Website andreasimonphotography
1. Jason Fitzgerald -  IG Jasonfitzgeralphotography // Website jasonfitzgerald



-Binzario Couture - Runway Charity Show.


-DIFFA 2016 - Annual Runway show done to raise HIV/AIDS awareness, and raise money for research - Omni Dallas Hotel.
-Alyce Paris showroom - Dallas World Trade Center.
-Ted Gibson hair show - Dallas Image Expo at the Kay Bailey Convention Center.


-DIFFA 2017 - Omni Dallas Hotel.
-Neiman Marcus- Fit Presentation.
-Nardos Design Productions Fitting - Manhattan, New York.
-AT&T Byron Nelson - Cadillac Presentation.
-Fashion For Freedom - Charity Runway Show benefiting young girls in the Philippines going through sex trafficking - Deep Ellum, Dallas.
-Stanley Korshak - Cuccinelli Runway Show - Uptown Dallas.


-Sundance Square, Fort Worth - 2018 catalog.
- Access Destinations 20th Anniversary honoring Jeff Davis - Anatole Hotel x Quill Dallas.
-US Navy - Fitness Shoot
-WFAA Channel 8 Goodmornig Texas - Fashion Segment for Ann Taylor's Spring 2018 Collection
-Tootsie's Dallas - PatBo Spring Collection SS'18
- BSN Sports - Summer 2018 Catalogue
-Max Mara - Fall coat presentation
- Alice and Olivia SS19 show - JW Marriot, Austin Texas
- Mary Kay (MUA's looks - purples and plums) here
- Neiman Marcus presentations (Lafayette, Carolina Herrera, etc)
-Stanley Korshak - Neutrals showroom - Uptown Dallas.
- Good Morning Texas - Channel 8 studio
- Betty Reiter Show
- Tootsies Showroom
- Ann Taylor presentation for Dallas morning tv
- Blogger and Trend Event - Neiman Marcus
-Bret Mckinney Show- West Village
- Milly show - Neiman Marcus Willow Bend
- Project Beauty - Neiman Marcus
- 4-11 Grand opening - Forth worth Tx
- Good-day Dallas FOX 4 for Galleria Mall
- Shadia's Show at the Crow Museum
- the pin Show
- Kappa Mom's weekend event - Neiman Marcus ftw


-Lighting after Dark - Sheraton Downtown Dallas
-DMC show ft Grunge make-up looks and exaggerated headpieces
-AAFES - Spring '19 E-Comm Lookbook
-Bella Vi Spa/ 3rd Identity - Website shoot
-Burnett New York show - S/S 19
- Sara Briggs Jewelry
-Nancy Gonzalez -fall '19 bag presentation
-Vision Works commercial shoot
-Modern Luxury magazine - September issue
-Papercity magazine - September issue
-MYX Blend Bar editorial- West Village store
-Micheal Kors show - S/S 19
- Lafayette NY show - S/S 19
-Joan Vass Presentation


Cadillac Presentation 2017
Working for Tootsie's Dallas showing the newest Brazilian- PatBo collection 

WFAA Channel 8

Neiman Marcus

Access Destination

DIFAA 2017

DIFFA 2016

P.S check out my youtube video here on how I got into modeling, and how you can too. I go into details on pay/casting/portfolio etc. DONT FORGET TO HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON.

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