Mid-Calves x Mini skirts

Get ready to Work Work Work Work!! because it's Friday...lol...i'm so lame, but seriously if I had a $ for how many times I have heard that song on the radio Mark Zuckerberg will have nothing on me. Anyway I digress, happy Friday I hope you are all pumped up for Easter because I am. Todays outfit is more of a relaxed but edgy look.


Hey guys happy Monday. I hope everyone is alive and bubbling...lol I sound like an african auntie. Anyway I missed y'all...♥ 
I spotted this Mexican restaurant close to my house, and right away, it made me nostalgic of the kind of buildings I saw in Miami while I was on spring break 2 years ago, it just looked really cool and fun, so of course I had to shoot here.

NEW IN MAKEUP PRODUCTS: DIOR, Anastasia Beverly Hills & more

Hey guys, its been a while I did one of these, but I wanted to share with you some make up products I picked up at Ulta a couple days ago. I am so in love with #3. Keep reading to see what I think of the rest of them.

DyHair777 Peruvian Straight Hair Review + Youtube Video

Hey guys happy new month. I just uploaded a video on my youtube channel telling you guys all about this super affordable fab hair I have been wearing for a little while now. Check it out, I will also link the video down below. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel.