Gossip time!!! lol So I know this is like beating a dead horse but I have wanting to address this issue for a while now. We all know this story of "Angelia taking Jen's man from her". I mean this story never gets old. I was arguing with one of my friends the other day about how people should let the matter go considering it's been almost 10 years since this happened, and btw Angelina and Jen were never really friends to begin with. Also, she didn't force the guy to leave his wife and put a ring on it.

However, my friend still insisted that Angelina was a home wrecker and a husband snatcher. She feels like no amount of years will be able to wipe out the "abomination" she committed; that the fact that he was married she should have controlled herself around him and told him to stay with his wife. 


This past weekend, I went to visit my friend, Guchi in Providence, RI. I know i'm always with her, its because she's awesome. I always learn something great when i'm with her. Anyway I've never met anyone who is so particular about what they put into their body like she is. In the morning she served me this yummy veggie smoothie and lemon water which I loved and she was kind enough to give me the recipe, which I will of course share with you guys. I have also listed some of the health benefits of both the smoothie and lemon water, incase I haven't convinced you enough with how yummy they look. I will definitely be incorporating this into my diet. You should too.....xx


This is a list of some of the things I have learned over the past year. I know my handwriting sucks and I might have misspelled some words but I thought handwriting it would make it more relatable. I hope I inspire one or two of you out there. xx 


Necklace: H&M, Sweater: Zara, Fur Jacket: Ebay (a while ago), Bag: MK, Fur coat: Steve Madden, Jeans: XXI, Shoes: Nine West.
My people! please don't kill me I know I have been away for a while. But you know as they say quality/quantity. So I feel like if I am going to post something here, it should be something I genuinely like and  people will appreciate. I have been looking like a bum this past few weeks because I have a lot going on in my life, hence this is the first time I have dressed up in a while; and it was just for you guys o (see how I love you people) because the cold was no joke. Anyway I hope you like my outfit. I tried small abi?
Have a great week ahead!!!!!


Ladies this one is for you. Yesterday, my really good friend, Guchi, and I were arguing yesterday about our idea of an ideal first date. We were torn between two options. 
1. The traditional dinner date?
2. An adventourous date?
I went for option 1 because I feel like it would help me get to know the person so much better than going on an adventurous date. For one, with my curious personality I never run out of questions to ask my date. I just feel like I need to know a person to a certain degree that I am comfortable with before doing something adventurous with them. For example I went on an adventorous (rock climbing) first date once, although I liked it, I didn't get me to know the person more. Instead we ended up talking about rock climbing the whole time.

However, Guchi disagreed with me and went for option 2. She felt that a traditional dinner date is really fake. Her main points were that, firstly, picking a dress for the date can be a hassle. Then when you finally find a dress to wear, choice of make up becomes a problem. Loud vs soft everyday makeup? Hmm...Ok then you're all set and you get to the restaurant. Now, if you're a village girl like me, you might not know how to pronounce some things on the When u finally attempt to, you might pronounce the name wrong. Mind you, your date is taking note of all these things. Then finally when your food gets there, you have to eat "like a lady", and at the same time carry out a conversation with your date so things don't awkward. At the end of the day you have spent the whole time being 'fake' and your date doesn't get to know the real you, compared to an adventurous date where you can't really pretend to be who you're not and your date gets to see your real emotions, and conversations don't have to be forced.

What are your thoughts? What would be your ideal first date? Option 1 or 2. Or any other first idea you may have. Please comment/share below, I can't wait to read your comments.xx


My youtube lovers, you will love this post. If you saw my post on 20+ facts about me here, you would know that my love for youtube is real. Its so real, I can be on youtube and my house would be burning and I won't even realize. lol..just kidding. At first when I would watch a "crappy" video on youtube I would wonder "What the hell is this person thinking to upload such a crappy video". Reality hit the day I had to edit a video for an event we had to promote in school, that day I renounced every curse I had placed on any you-tuber I felt had bad quality videos. That is to say youtube is hardwork. Kuddos to every you tuber. Anyway, without further due, I want to appreciate these you tubers who not only take their time to make good quality videos but also deliver such good content. I will also briefly speak on why I love watching them. I'll advice you go watch their videos as they have such positive material to offer, you won't be disappointed.  O and also show support and subscribe to their channels. In no particular order:

#1 Sammy from Beautycrush: First of all her name says it all. She is so bubbly,  I can't help but be attracted to her innocent and sweet personality. Plus her boyfriend is so cute. Love her tattoos as well. Her channel focuses on beauty and her personal style. She also has a blog that I love here


Happy New Year guys. We made it!! Did I tell you guys about my holy grail perfume last year? No? Well now, y'all know. It is the Guess, seductive perfume. Usually when I buy a new perfume, and I use it the first couple of months I automatically start to hate it. My people, I have used this perfume now for close to a year and I am still loving it. I am not very good at describing smells but I will say this one has that "grown woman" smell (Bey voice) no! but really it smells so good and it's long lasting. I got mine at my local Guess store but I'm sure it can be found at any fragrance store near you. What is your favorite fragrance/perfume ?