Desi Perkins

 The Latina goddess. I discovered Desi not too long ago, and to say that I am not obsessed, I would be lying. Her quirky and chill personality is what has drawn a lot of people to her channel. In just a year she has amassed over 4 million loyal followers on all of her social media accounts. She really is as real as they get, so yes I am definitely a part of the Squad.  She and her husband Steven are just the cutest, he is super supportive of her. O and did I mention this chic slays an eyeliner wing ? 

Nikki tutotrials

 Nikki o Nikki, the queen of backgrounds, what would I do without your videos. I cant say there is a video of Nikki I have watched that I didnt enjoy. She is such a natural. Her videos are so fun, you feel like you are in a makeup class or something. She slays drag race makeup, celeb inspired, school girl. You name it Nikki is queen. Super proud of her and all her accomplishments since being on youtube for almost 10 years. She has a pallete coming out with Too-faced cosmetics later this summer can't wait to grab it.
Katy (lustrelux)

I am honestly still warming up to her, but she seems like such a genuine person. Plus she's like best friends with Desi, so you know I had to show her some love. Not saying she doesn't slay her makeup hame though.

Makeup Shayla

Shayla if you are reading this, you just need to come and make the adoption official because you are my But no I just love this girl, and have learned a lot from her. She is fierce, stunning and entertaining, she kills me on her snapchats.  I love her hustle energy and positive vibes. I'm so glad she recently got back on youtube because her tutorials are so straight forward and easy to follow. Check her out guys, you wont regret it.

Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi already made her debut on here as our style crush, but she also slays the beauty game. She has officially stolen my heart, maybe because she is an aries but I absolutely love her. She could make a video about her broken finger nail and I would thats how much I love her videos. Since her full transformation into a woman in 2011, she has been nothing but inspiring to so many people. I know she will continue to do amazing things.


 Queen Victoria the definition of classy and sophisticated. This girl is so adorable it hurts. I love how put together and hardworking she is. She is an amazing blogger here which is how I found out about her. I love her cute and quirky personality. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Cydnee Black

Cydnee is #BAE. Again, maybe its an aries thing or maybe its those natural captivating blue eyes she has, either way I love this chic. She knows her shit and it shows in her videos. The quality of her videos are sick. She literally just started on youtube not too long ago, but has already started doing big things like working at the ipsy studios in LA. Super duper proud of this brown girl. 

Shalom Blac

 I'm sure most of you know Shalom from the video she did about the Power of Makeup here. If you dont know her you need to. She is a burn survivor and such an inspiring person. Trust me it takes guts to put all your insecurities out on the internet no knowing what to expect. Her story is so touching and also reinforces to people that beauty should be skin deep. Physical beauty can be taken away anytime, so we should constantly work on fixing the inside. Btw she's a Naija girl so check her out.

Ajoke aka Ajaysglam

She is so real and literally leaves nothing out in her videos. From her struggles as a young mother, to her faith to her first sex experience. Ajoke bares it all. Sometimes when I watch her videos, i'm like o no she's not gonna go there but then she does. She's pretty much an open book and literally your girl next door. Love her honesty. O she's a Naija girl if you couldn't already tell by now. 

Michelle Phan

Last but not definitely not least is youtube sensation, creative designer, author, entrepreneur, Michelle Phan. Michelle is just a ball of inspiration. Not too many people can say they got turned down to work at a makeup counter because they couldn't do makeup and years later they made the Forbes 30 under 30 list with a career in makeup. Michelle is a true inspiration. Very close to 10 million followers on her youtube channel, what really attracted me to her videos was her calm and soothing her voice is. I could listen to her talk all day. Her vdeos are very well taught out and well presented. She does a lot of makeup tutorials, DIYS, pillow talks (my fave), and hacks. Check her out, you would love her, trust me!

And that wraps it up, I love doing these type of posts. The last one I did here was received very well by y'all, and is my most popular post till date. I hope you guys like this one as well. I will do more when I discover new interesting people. Do you guys watch anyone on here? Or watch any other person please let me know in the comment section below. I like discovering new people. O btw I also make youtube videos here so check me out, subscribe, and leave a feedback pretty please ?

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