9 Best Stores to shop online // Zara, Public Desire, VS, Missguided and more

I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite stores I like to shop online. Shopping online is both a blessing and a curse, I'm sure we can all agree. It is so much easier to sit on your bed, hit the check out button and just wait like a queen for your parcel to arrive versus going through all the craziness that comes with shopping at the store; long queues, hours of going through merchandise and limited available items. On the bad side you can spend all your money on online shopping and you don't even know it, but that still doesn't stop us...lol

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Of course I had to start off with Zara because who doesn't love Zara. If you are a minimalist  like me, then Zara is where it's at. Their pieces are quite on the high end but trust me, they are really good products, that are mostly made is Europe, and you know anything made in Europe last really long. However, I do advice to wait till their items go on sale, they are more decently priced when they go on sale. I shop their leather jackets, blazers, work outfits and shoes mostly. Free shipping on orders over $50

All the sexy ladies in the house put your hands up up up!!!! lol....Missguided is for my sexy ladies. If you are looking for that last minute affordable sexy body hugging birthday dress, Missguided is your girl. They also sell accessories, bathing suits purses and shoes but I mostly shop their dresses. They also free shipping on all orders over $40, 25% off everything, and offer 15% student discount always.

Who doesn't love Forever 21. Everybody and they mama has been to forever. So I don't even need to tell y'all the style of clothes they sell. Anyway, I am pleased to inform you that XXI actually has better items online than in store. 9x out of 10. I have been more pleased with an item I bought online than in store. So def check out their online store. Free shipping on all orders $50 and up also 10% off.

Love love Nasty gal, not just because the founder Sophia Amoruso is an inspiration to me but due to their unique and fun pieces. Their pieces are on the high end but so worth it. Don't even worry about the sale section, the prices are just as high...lol If you are a retro girl who loves vintage pieces you would easily be bffs with Nasty Gal. Check em out!!

Not gonna lie I don't love H&M as much as I used to. I don't know their pieces are starting to look a bit tacky to me. I love their sweaters and accessories, those are probably the only things I get from them to be quite honest, but most people love H&M, they say its like and upscale forever 21. Like the middleman between XXI and Zara. You be the judge.

GoJane is like my rebound guy if I don't find a sexy dress on Missguided. They are also more affordable than Missguided, which is always good. I love their accessories, they always have current trendy items, cool socks and bags and shoes.

I'm still so surprised at how many people don't know about asos. #Asosisbae, get on the bandwagon if you're not on it already. #dontplayyourself If you love dope shit ie hats, jackets, dresses, shoes asos is your girl #theydontwantyoutohavedopeshit. I really also like them because for almost every outfit, you can play a mini catwalk video of a model in the dress so you can see how the dress looks on. This feature is unique among the other sites and really helps out a lot before buying a dress. Exclusively an online store, they always offer 15% student discount and a bunch of other discounts all the time.

I just found out about PD,  a Uk based online footwear company. So yes this one is for all my shoe lovers, welcome to the world of shoes. Their shoes are to die for, and are super affordable. Seriously check them out, you wont regret it.

Of course I couldn't end this post without mentioning OG VS. Summer time is quickly coming and while you are trying to get that body looking on fleek all summer'16, go ahead and get your bathing suits from Victoria's Secret..lol But seriously I love VS bras, tank tops, water bottles, everything really. Although I don't mind shopping at the store, I find that they always have better deals and specials online. Free shipping o orders over $100.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you like any of these stores? What are your favorite stores to shop online ?

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